7 Reliable Cleaning & Cooking Tricks Shared by Our Cyber Friends

    7 Reliable Cleaning & Cooking Tricks Shared by Our Cyber Friends

    7 Reliable Cleaning & Cooking Tricks Shared by Our Cyber Friends
    6:02 PM EST, December 3, 2020

    Cleaning, cooking and other daily household chores can be very difficult. There are sensitive places that are difficult to clean, and when preparing meals, it often turns out that quickly thawing meat is not a simple matter. Learn the best tricks for Internet users. They will help you efficiently clean the stove or pan and save you a lot of valuable time.

    1. How to Remove the Limescale of Water Tap?

    At the tip of the water tap spout, the sludge from hard water accumulates. You can easily remove it. Just pour vinegar into the sealed bag and attach tothe tap, with the solution in, secure it with a rubber band around to the tap. Wait 20-30 minutes (during this time, the tartar will break away from the tap) and then remove any remaining deposits with soap applied to the toothbrush.

    2. How to Protect the Grout From Mould, Fungus and Dirt Build-Up?

    First, thoroughly scrub and dry all joints in the bathroom. Take a white candle and start rubbing the grout with it. In a few moments, the wax will settle on the seals creating a protective layer.

    3. What to do With The Excess Fat Left Over After Frying?

    The hot fat should not be poured into the sewage system as it settles on the pipe walls and causes blockages. How to dispose of it safely? Take a large piece of aluminum foil and put it into the sink forming something like a bowl. Pour oil into it. Wait until it has cooled down and throw the wrapper in the trashcan.


    Cleaning in five steps:

    1. Pour some salt on the bottom of the pan and start scrubbing with a raw potato.
    2. Wash the pan with warm soapy water.
    3. Dry it thoroughly.
    4. Rub it with oil.
    5. Place in an oven preheated to 212°F for about an hour.

    5. How to Remove Stubborn Dirt From the Cooker?

    There is probably nothing worse than fighting with dried, burnt food and fat covering the stove. In this case, a foam oven cleaner will be your best ally. Before use, it is important to read whether the manufacturer recommends using the product to clean your oven. Then, spray the hob with foam and wait until the product sets completely (8-24 h). Next step, use a cloth to remove the product freely and there will no be a trace of dirt or grime.

    6. Lemon Juice Always at Hand

    Squeeze some lemon juice and pour it into ice moulds. Put the liquid in the freezer. This way, at any time you will have access to fresh, refreshing juice, which you can use to prepare drinks, drinks or warm meals.


    7. How to Defrost Meat Quickly and Safely?

    Boil water in a pot over 140°F (until the first bubbles appear) and turn off the fire. Place the meat in a mesh bag and put that in water. Wait for 10 minutes (poultry) or 12 minutes (any other kind of meat). The meat will not be cooked (but perfectly soften) and the bacteria will not multiply.

    Share your reliable ways to make everyday household activities easier.

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