7 DIY Ways to Remove Fruit Stains. They Work With All Kinds of Clothes

    7 DIY Ways to Remove Fruit Stains. They Work With All Kinds of Clothes

    11:54 AM EDT, May 18, 2024

    Strawberries, raspberries, cherries… On one hand some of the most delicious things in the world, on the other hand their stains are so hard to handle. Of course there’s no way we will give up on the fruit. If you happen to stain something, keep your head up. There are ways to remove it. No need to throw clothes away!

    The wet stains can be removed in much the same way as wine ones. Sprinkle some salt over the spot and pour some hot water through it. Then wash it with soap. Another way to do it is to leave the stained cloth immersed in whey.


    It goes without saying that all stains, the fruit ones included, are really difficult to remove once they get dry. Again, there are ways to help you out in this situation.

    Red fruit stains


    They are some of the most common in the summer. These are the two ways that are widely considered to be the most effective ones:

    • Sprinkle some salt over the stain and rub it until it goes red. Shake it off and sprinkle the salt again. Repeat it until the salt absorb the staining or when it stops absorbing it and stays white. Experienced housewives advise to wash the clothes afterwards.

    • You can also pour some citric acid and then sprinkle it with baking soda. Again, rub it in. Repeat it a few times and of course finally wash it.

    Blueberry stains

    ©Steven Depolo/Flickr
    ©Steven Depolo/Flickr

    This a real nuisance for many. There are a few ways to remove them:

    • the most effective one is by far vinegar; pour a little over the stain and then rub it with another piece of cloth soaked with vinegar; if you don’t want to scare others away with the vinegar smell, wash the cloth afterwards

    • alternatively, you can immerse the item in warm milk and leave it there for a night; of course wash it afterwards;

    • in case of silk clothes, pour some spirit over the stain and leave it in warm water for a quarter;

    • if there is a stain on something made of linen, immerse it in sour milk for about an hour

    When everything fails…


    When you can’t remove the stain, you can try using borax. This natural kind of salt has been recently catching on among people keen on eco-friendly household cleaning and washing agents. Borax is as effective as some leading brand detergents. However, its health impact can be controversial. As it can irritate your skin, you have to wear gloves while using it. It can also affect the respiratory system when the room is not properly ventilated. In other words it is an effective but also a very strong chemical.

    • dissolve borax in water and pour the solution over the stain

    Did you manage to remove the stains? Let’s come back to our fruit then and enjoy their taste (repeat the activity until you’re full).

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