6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Insects

    6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Insects

    6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Insects
    5:23 AM EDT, June 12, 2020, updated: 5:53 AM EDT, June 12, 2020

    Nobody wants any insects or rodents at home. However, would you put your health at risk using chemicals against them? It’s not only about our health, but also about our pets. What can we do then to keep the nasty creatures at bay? Of course TV commercials promise that dedicated products work better than anything else. While this can be true, as a matter of fact it is our homemade solutions that will work best.

    They will help you get rid of insects and rodents from your house.

    #1 Cockroaches

    Cockroaches are known to be able to survive even the harshest conditions. These creatures may survive several disasters and survive a few weeks with their heads cut off! They transmit several diseases and unfortunately they feel very good in our homes. Fortunately, there is a way to do away with them!

    Dice an onion, add a teaspoonful of baking soda and a bit of water. Mix it all well. Put some small bowls with the mixture in all corners, also by the sink, shower drain and anywhere else you came across cockroaches. Everyday replace the traps to make sure that they won’t come back anymore.

    #2 Spiders


    Even if not poisonous, spiders are not welcome in your house. A lot of people are horrified at the very thought of a spider. If you are one of them, let us help you keep them away from you.

    This method uses smell to scare spiders away. All you need is 5 – 10 drops of mint oil and 200 ml of water. You can also add a quarter spoonful of washing agent. Shake the mixture well and spray it all over the place where spiders were seen, for example ceilings, corners, radiators or lamps. Use the mixture once a week.

    #3 Garden pests

    There are several pests that might plunder your garden, for example spider mites or aphids. The problem is that pesticides can harm your fruit and vegetables. That is why a safer method is definitely recommended.

    Mix half a glass of powdered hot pepper with half a glass of onion and garlic. Mix them all until some paste forms. Mix the paste with half a litre of lukewarm water and leave it for 24 hours. Filter it and spray it all over the plants.

    #4 Ticks

    There are many kinds of ticks differing in colour and size. A tick bite may bring about several unpleasant conditions, including Lyme disease. If you want to protect you and your family against tick bites, you’d better prepare some DIY tick repellents!

    For people

    Prepare a mixture of 20 drops of rose oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of lemon oil and a spoonful of pure spirit. Dilute the alcohol in 100 ml of water and pour everything into a spray bottle. Shake it well and spray it all over clothes before going out.

    For animals

    Every time you come back from a walk, check your pet’s fur if there aren’t any ticks.

    As for the mixture, take 20 drops of tea tree oil, 20 drops of rose oil and two spoonful of almond oil. Put just a few drops of the mixture on the dog’s collar or fur. Never use this mixture on pregnant animals.

    #5 Dust mites


    Dust mites are so small that you can only see them with a microscope. Of course the fact that we can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there. They dwell in dust and prefer warm areas, that is why they can often be found on our skin. What does it mean for us? The thing is they love our beds and mattresses!

    According to experts, dust mites might cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. To get rid of these tiny insects, mix 6 teaspoon of eucalyptus oil with one and a half teaspoon of washing detergent. Then dilute the mixture in a bucket of water. Soak the laundry and then put in the dishwasher like you always do. The bed frame had better be cleaned with the mixture too. Eucalyptus oil can be replaced with tea tree essential oil.

    #6 Ants

    Ants appear so often that some of us find it really frustrating. You have no idea how, when and where they find the way inside our kitchens. If you want to scare them away, make sure the place is really unattractive for them.

    Surprisingly, ants hate the smell of cinnamon. If you think you know the route the ants take to get inside your kitchen, sprinkle some powder cinnamon there. It will work even better if you add a few drops of some essential oil.

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