6 Most Common Mistakes We Make While Using Dishwashers

    6 Most Common Mistakes We Make While Using Dishwashers

    10:37 AM EST, November 18, 2020

    A dishwasher is an almost indispensable piece of kitchen equipment these days. So many of us can’t even imagine handling the dishes without this appliance. Still, there are at least a few mistakes we all make there.

    #1 Manual washing-up before loading


    Using your hands and the washbasin before putting the dishes inside the machine is not necessary, especially if your dishwasher is not older than 5 years. Most of them is equipped with a sensor detecting the degree to which the dishes are dirty. Washing up the dirtiest things is therefore not a must at all.

    #2 Cold water only

    Hot water from the supply system may help you save the energy necessary to heat the washing water, especially in the winter. The warmer the water, the shorter the washing cycle.

    #3 Accidentally blocking the sprinkler


    Sometimes the largest pots and dishes block the sprinkler on the bottom of the dishwasher. Consequently, the dishes above are not washed as well they should.

    #4 Failure to clean rubber gaskets


    With time, the rubber parts accumulate a lot of bacteria that loves the dump conditions inside the machine. That is why all gaskets and seals have to be carefully cleaned from time to time, for instance using a soapy water and a toothbrush.

    #5 Failure to use rinse aid


    Stains on your dishes? Never forget about the rinse aid. It will reduce the water surface tension preventing formation of water drops and leaving stains and smudges. It also speeds up the drying process.

    #6 Putting all things together


    In much the same way you segregate your laundry, you need to segregate dirty dishes. Make sure that the dirtiest dishes never end up with those that are just slightly greasy.

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