4 DIY Ways to Clean Your White Sneakers. They Will Look Brand New Again!

    4 DIY Ways to Clean Your White Sneakers. They Will Look Brand New Again!

    6:57 PM EDT, September 6, 2020

    White sneakers are always trendy so no wonder that almost everyone has got at least a pair.

    It is so hard to say goodbye to them once their snow-white glamour is gone. Luckily, there are ways to revive them so that their original white is really white once more!

    Patience is the key

    Never wash them in a machine as they may get damaged. You have to do it with your own hands but believe me, it’s worth the pain. Although it will take you some time, this is really easy, cheap and, most importantly, effective. Why not give it a try then?

    How to clean your favorite shoes

    Below you will find four DIY ways to ‘refresh’ your white sneakers. Remember that the final effect will only be visible once the sneakers are completely dry.

    Take out the shoelaces so that the shoe tongue can be cleaned well, too.

    #1 Washing-up liquid and toothpaste

    Things you need:

    • washing-up liquid

    • toothpaste

    • a brush

    • water

    • a white towel

    Step by step:

    With a slightly dump brush apply some washing-up liquid onto the dirty trainers. Then gently brush them and remove the foam that accumulates with a white towel. Next use white toothpaste. Again, while brushing, remove the foam that forms with the towel. Finally leave the towels to dry for a couple of hours.

    #2 Baking soda

    Things you need:

    • baking soda or baking powder

    • vinegar

    • water

    Step by step:

    Soak the shoes with water. Then mix baking soda and vinegar in 1:1 ratio. Rub the mixture into the sneakers with a brush. Finally wash them with running water, still brushing.

    The mixture can be applied both on the cotton part of the shoes as well as their rubber sole.

    #3 Baby powder

    Things you need:

    • baby powder

    • water

    • hairdryer

    Step by step:

    Mix the baby powder with water in 1:1 ratio. Brush the mixture into the sneakers. Dry the wet spots with the hairdryer and shake off the remaining pieces of powder. Dry the shoes well before wearing and that’s it!

    In this way only the cotton parts of sneakers can be cleaned.

    #4 Bleach

    Things you need:

    • bleach

    • ear sticks

    Step by step:

    Gently immerse the ear sticks in the bleach and clean the rubber parts of the sneakers with them. Do not apply the bleach on the cotton parts!

    Your white sneakers will be really white again! Do you know any other ways of cleaning sneakers? Let us know in your comments!
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