Unusual 3d Floors for the Bathroom! Everyone Can Have Their Own Private Beach

    Unusual 3d Floors for the Bathroom! Everyone Can Have Their Own Private Beach

    Unusual 3d Floors for the Bathroom! Everyone Can Have Their Own Private Beach
    3:20 PM EDT, May 6, 2021, updated: 7:12 PM EDT, May 6, 2021

    Decorative floors are becoming more and more popular. Especially those made of clear resins poured over good quality paintings, photos or 3D graphics.

    3D floors created in this way are durable and resistant to mechanical and chemical damage.

    At the same time they are safe and above all non-toxic.

    In any case, the effect is amazing! See for yourself.

    #1 Beach

    Paradise beach in the bathroom!

    Just wish you could feel the sand under your feet!


    #2 Stained Glass Floor

    It's like a mirror image of the dome in the ceiling that isn't there….

    The recessed effect creates an extremely subtle illusion.


    #3 Broken Glass

    Hmm… I wonder if everyone would decide to enter such a bathroom…


    #4 Dolphins Under Water

    Dolphins are probably the most popular motif for 3D bathroom floors.

    Their natural curiosity shows up wonderfully in 3D images placed on the floor.

    They are simply made for it! And all children are sure to be delighted.


    #5 Black and White Illusion

    There will always be fans of "Black & White."

    Here quite a twisted illusion 🙂


    #6 Turbulent Waves

    White water elements brighten up the floor, which is supposed to imitate the restless sea.


    #7 Mini Beach

    Who would want a private mini beach like this? You can already hear the sound of those waves… You just don't know where to put your feet 🙂 .


    #8 Shark

    These are suggestions for small toilets.

    A shark under the feet! As if there really is a giant oceanarium under the floor!


    #9 Beach in the Shower

    This is the most appropriate place for water!

    The real water from the shower certainly doesn't have the same effect as the one permanently on the floor….


    #10 Illuminated Water

    With such a floor, you no longer need to focus on additional details to beautify the bathroom!


    #11 Coral Reef

    If someone misses the Big Blue, this floor will help to survive until the next diving safari.


    #12 Waves in Shallow Water

    Who feels that this is such shallow water that you can easily dip your toes into it and feel its coolness - just like the Baltic Sea!


    #13 Welcome

    Ah this sand and this awesome….

    The word "WELCOME" is sensational 🙂 .


    Mini example of how 3D floors are created

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