3 Gardeners’ Mistakes Lead to Hollow Heart on Homegrown Cucumbers. Fixes You Can Try Right Away

    3 Gardeners’ Mistakes Lead to Hollow Heart on Homegrown Cucumbers. Fixes You Can Try Right Away

    4:11 AM EDT, July 23, 2022

    Not everyone succeeds in growing great cucumbers. Sometimes it happens that their flowers wither, fall, and the fruits do not have a chance to set. Empty cucumber flowers are a real worry. What is their cause?

    There are 3 basic mistakes that are responsible for the fact that cucumbers bloom, but do not set fruit. Of course, they are committed by gardeners themselves inexperienced, in the cultivation of these vegetables. To avoid joining their ranks, it is essential to learn how to prevent the development of empty flowers.


    #Planting in a Shady Spot

    Cucumbers love bright and sunny spots. They need plenty of light for proper growth. On the other hand, they do not prefer drafts and winds. If you situate the beds in a shady spot then:

    #The Leaves Will Become Smaller and Lighter

    Will significantly slow down the growth of shoots (including lateral ones),
    only male flowers will begin to develop, and the fruits will not stick firmly to the shoots.

    #Too Intensive Nitrogen Fertilization.

    Cucumbers desperately need nitrogen fertilization, but only at the beginning of growth. This is needed for the formation of a strong plant. When cucumbers begin to bloom, the need for nitrogen decreases. If you continue to supply nitrogen as the flowers appear, the bushes will grow luxuriantly, their leaves will enlarge significantly, and the shoots will reach large sizes. However, all this will take place to the detriment of the fruit, which will simply have trouble setting.


    # Inadequate Watering

    The fact is that cucumbers like a fair amount of water, but they no longer tolerate overwatering. You need to adjust your watering according to the current weather conditions. If the days are cool, then do not provide the plant with too much water. If you do, you can only lead to root rot. Then the plant will only focus on the struggle for survival, and the whole process of forming fruit will go down the drain. In addition, do not use cold water for watering (it should be mouth-watering), as cucumbers are sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

    So, do you already know when cucumber don't turn up right?

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