27 Culinary Hacks That Will Make Mixing in Pots a Pure Pleasure

    27 Culinary Hacks That Will Make Mixing in Pots a Pure Pleasure

    27 Culinary Hacks That Will Make Mixing in Pots a Pure Pleasure
    3:18 AM EDT, October 8, 2021, updated: 3:22 PM EDT, October 8, 2021

    A handful of culinary tips will make you more willing to start cooking, which is not difficult at all. All you have to do is gather up the courage to buy the right ingredients and with a knife in your hand you can go on to conquer the kitchen. Family and friends will certainly appreciate your efforts and will be happy to try the prepared dishes. Even if not all will be fully successful 😉.


    Here are simple culinary tips that will make you a master cook


    1 Place a bay leaf in the packaging or container where you store the flour or rice. Then the moths and other pests will stay away from the kitchen cupboards.

    2. The coffee has lost its aroma? Toss a cube of bitter chocolate in a can or jar and do not open the container for two days.

    3 Baked goods will stay fresh longer if you put a raw apple in the breadbox.

    4. Do not store bananas close to apples. Then they will ripen much faster.

    4. The ripening of the tomatoes can be accelerated. Place them in a paper bag together with the apple.

    5. If you put aside the rests of the onion will not lose its aroma if you spread it with a little butter.



    7. The baked cake will not pop down if you only grease the bottom of the cake pan.

    8. Dry fruits will not sink in to the bottom of the batter if you coat them with flour first.

    9. The yeast dough will stay fresh for longer and will fluff up better if you add some sour cream instead of milk.

    10. If you want a piece of cake to stay fresh longer, attach a whole-grain piece of bread to it.



    12. Ripe cherry tomatoes are very difficult to cut into neat slices. Therefore, place them in icy water for 20 minutes before chopping them, that will speed up the job.

    13. Cooking oil or other fat will not splash to the sides if you put a pinch of salt in the pan.

    14. Once a little milk has been added to the scrambled eggs, it will have a fluffy texture.

    15. If you mistakenly over salted the soup, put half of the raw potato in a pot and cook it for a few minutes. The vegetable will absorb the salt.

    16. The rice will remain loose and will not stick together if you add a spoonful of lemon juice to the water during cooking.

    17. A sauce is able to successfully thicken up when adding a grated zucchini. This is a healthier alternative to wheat flour.

    18. Why fish sticks to the grill while grilling? Put slices of lemon on grill and place the fish on top of it. Thanks to this it will not fall apart and will gain citrus aroma.

    19. If you don't like the smell of boiling cauliflower, put a bay leaf or a piece of dry bread crust into the pot.

    20. You've shrunk your roast pork? Fill in a pot with water and together with your roast pork place it in the oven. The dish will be moist and juice up again.

    21. The eggshell can be easily removed from a bowl with raw egg whites, don't panic!. All you have to do is to wet your finger in water first.

    22. Do not soak the vegetables in water. Then they lose all their nutrients. They should be prepared just before they are ready for cooking.

    23. You want to avoid bloating after eating beans? Soak it in water with caraway seeds.

    24. An empty bottle of ketchup is a fabulous dispenser for pancake dough, don't get rid of it yet !



    25. Do you have a problem with opening jars? Wear rubber gloves or a thicker rubber band on the cap and get started.

    26. If there is a smell of fish in the frying pan, place left over coffee grounds from a brew, that will soak them in.

    27. Dirty microwave? Pour a glass of water into a heat-resistant dish and squeeze the juice of a whole lemon on it. Put it in and set for maximum power on 5 minutes. Use a cloth to remove the dirt.


    Culinary advice will definitely make cooking fun again. Which trick do you think is most useful?

    A true Lady always eats with a knife and a fork 😉.

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