23 rules of good manners that each of us should know

    23 rules of good manners that each of us should know

    5:36 AM EST, December 20, 2019

    1. If you say that you are inviting someone, e.g. to dinner, it means that you also pay for it. You can say: Let's go to the restaurant and in this case everyone pays for themselves. When a man offers to pay for a dinner, the woman can agree.

    2. Never make an unannounced visit. If someone comes without notice, you can be in a bathrobe, in rollers on your head or in a torn shirt. One lady from Great Britain used to say: When an uninvited guest appeared at my door, I always opened him with an umbrella in my hand and if I liked the person, I said that I had just come home. If I didn't like someone, I would say that it's a shame, but I'm in a hurry to meet.

    3. Do not place the phone on a table in a public place. In this way you show how important role the device plays in your life and that you're bored with the company enough to reach for your cell phone at any time and do something more interesting.


    4. Don't ask for a date if you plan to write text messages all evening.

    5. A man shouldn't carry a woman's handbag, but it is advisable for him to take the coat off her shoulders and carry it to the changing room.

    6. If you walk with someone and on your way you meet friends of your companion, whom you don'r know, you should also say hello to them.

    7. Your shoes should be always clean.


    8. Avoid meaningless phone calls. If you care about talking to someone, you better meet in person.

    9. If someone insults you, don't try to do the same. Don't fall to this level. Just smile and think yours.

    10. A man should walk on the left side of the woman. The exception is the military, who should be ready to salute at any time.

    11. Drivers should remember that driving into a puddle with impetus will always lead to the fact that pedestrians can be splashed. Better watch it!


    12. Nine things should be kept in secret: wealth, family argues, religion, health problems, affairs, gifts, honor and dishonor.

    13. A man should never touch a woman without her permission. It means that it is unacceptable to hold the hand, touch while talking, hold the hand above the elbow (unless you help someone get out of the vehicle or cross the street).

    14. If someone yells at you like "Hey, you there!", You should not answer.

    15. Moderation is a golden rule when using perfumes. If you can still smell them at the evening, think how tired your loved ones must be.


    16. A well-mannered man will always show respect to women.

    17. In the presence of a woman, men can smoke only if the lady agrees.

    18. Doesn't matter who you are when you enter the room, you should be the first one that says hello to everyone.

    19. Respect private correspondence. Parents should not read their children's letters. Couples should respect each other. Searching pockets for notes or bills is very rude.


    20. Don't try to chase fashion. It is better to wear what looks good on you, even if you don't follow the trends.

    21. If someone forgive you bad behavior after you apologized, try not to go back to the embarrassing topic. You should avoid such errors in the future.

    22. Don't laugh and talk too loudly. Staring at others is also offensive.

    23. Never forget to thank your loved ones. They help you not because they have to. They want it. Appreciate it.

    Jack Nicholson once said:

    "The goal of these endless simple principles is to make life better and pay special attention to manners. It is a very simple and understandable language based on mutual respect. Let's respect each other!" BONUS While in a restaurant, we often struggle with the problem of putting the cutlery on the plate correctly. Nowadays, not every waiter knows exactly what we want to signal with a knife and fork, but it is worth ensuring that we do not offend anyone when we cross the cutlery or put it in a strange way.1) Putting down the fork at eight o'clock, and the knife at four o'clock we signal that we have not finished our meal yet. It is important that the teeth of the fork do not touch the knife, because it means something completely different.2) Crossing cutlery in the middle of the plate, we give the waiter a signal that we have finished the dish and express our desire to receive another meal prepared for the evening. Even if you haven't finished your meal, the waiter will know to take the plate and bring the next one.3) If you want to express your admiration for a given meal, you can arrange the cutlery horizontally so that the fork and knife blade point to the right.4) When you have finished your meal and want to take the plate off the table, direct the cutlery handles at 17:20. The waiter will know that he can take his plate.5) Don't you want to say that you didn't like the meal, but you want to express your opinion without words? Arrange the fork at seven o'clock and the knife at five o'clock. Additionally, stick the knife blade into the teeth of the fork.
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