23 Fascinating Facts about Italy That Will Make You Want to Visit This Beautiful Country

    23 Fascinating Facts about Italy That Will Make You Want to Visit This Beautiful Country

    3:20 PM EDT, June 22, 2022, updated: 9:19 AM EDT, June 23, 2022

    Sunny Italy is not only about pizza and pasta (although the country produces 4 million tons of pasta a year). Young Italians like to live with their parents, and in one town, wine flows from a fountain. Discover a handful of intriguing tidbits that will encourage you to visit the boot-shaped country.

    #1 Unlucky Number


    For Italians the unlucky number is 17. In some hotels, having a superstitious owner, even the room marked with this number is omitted. And the airline Alitalia does not have a row of seats with the number 13 and the unlucky for Italians number 17…

    #2 The Pope's Throne in Italian Hands


    From 1523 to 1978, all the popes came from Italy.

    #3 Under One Roof with Parents


    Bamboccioni are people over the age of 30 who still live with their parents. The economic crisis has exacerbated this phenomenon and one in three Italians chooses to stay in the family home.

    #4 The Wolf and the Oak


    Italians consider the wolf to be their national animal and the olive tree and oak to be their national plant.

    #5 Unlucky Umbrellas


    Opening an umbrella in a room is unlucky, while accidentally spilling wine is a lucky sign.

    #6 Unnecessary letters


    The letters j, k, w, x and y are hardly used in Italian. They are only used for borrowed words.

    #7 A child after 30


    Statistically, Italian women give birth to their first child at around 30.3 years of age.

    #8 A Dismembered Galileo


    A tooth and the middle finger of Galileo's right hand and thumb are on display in a Florence museum. They were severed from the astronomer's body in 1737 and were a keepsake in the family of a marquis. The fingers and tooth were only found in 2009.

    #9 You Can't Eat Everywhere


    Eating and drinking in the courtyard of churches and on the steps of temples, is punishable by a fine.

    #10 Riches in the Fountain


    Every day into the Trevi fountain is thrown approx. 3000 EUROS.

    #11 A City Full of Bridges


    There are 417 bridges in Venice. 72 of them are in private hands.

    #12 Favorite Vowels


    Almost every Italian word ends in a vowel: a, e, i, o, u (except loanwords).

    #13 Italian Blacksmith


    Rossi is the most common Italian surname. It is carried by about 46 thousand families. It is a kind of Italian Kowalski.

    #14 It's Not an Argument


    Two people who gesture vigorously with their hands and speak loudly do not have to quarrel at all. Italians are a very expressive people and they don't mind that their conversation can be heard in the next street.

    #15 Love Coffee


    The average Italian drinks 8 coffees a day. You must know that cappuccino and latte are not considered coffee, but coffee drinks.

    #16 A Nation of Inventors


    The organ, barometer, ice cream cones, glasses, piano, coffee maker, telephone, violin or batteries were invented in Italy.

    #17 The Obligatory Walk


    Before dinner most Italians go for a walk called passeggiata.

    #18 The Calf Country


    The name of the country comes from the word italia, which means calf land.

    #19 Offensive Gestures


    The most offensive gesture is the simultaneous showing of the little finger and the index finger. This symbolizes the wife's tooting her horns at the man, i.e. infidelity.

    #20 Permitted Alcohol

    The driver is allowed to have 0,5 per mille of alcohol in his blood.


    #21 New Year's Eve Sausage


    New Year's Eve is traditionally eaten with cotechino sausage made of pork meat, bacon and skin. It is eaten cut into small rings. The meat is accompanied by lentils, which are supposed to symbolize money.

    # 22 Star City


    Palmanova is a Renaissance city in the province of Udine (northern Italy) that was built on the plan of a nine-pointed star.

    # 23 Fountain Full of Wine

    In the town of Caldari di Ortona (central Italy) there is a fountain from which red wine flows instead of water. To pour yourself a drink, you only need to turn on the faucet.

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