21 Mistakes by Manufacturers That Will Discourage Any Woman from Buying Online Ever Again

    21 Mistakes by Manufacturers That Will Discourage Any Woman from Buying Online Ever Again

    1:43 PM EST, November 7, 2021


    Women's fashion is an never-ending topic. A lot of clothes offered by manufacturers are simply non-functional. It's a very good idea to have a good selection of clothes that are not too short, but you can find a lot of them in the marketplace.

    #1 Uneven Prices

    A surprising thing is the prices of jeans and shorts. Ever wondered why they cost the same as pants? It is the same with crop tops. They barely cover your belly button, yet you have to pay more for them than for regular blouses that reach to your hips.


    #2 Problem With Pockets

    No pockets or very shallow pockets that can't fit into anything. However, men's pants always have deep pockets. Why is it so?


    #3 Blouses are Too Short

    Crop tops fashion. Not every woman feels like exposing her stomach. Many women feel safer when the t-shirts cover more than they reveal.


    4 See-through Fabrics

    Shirts made of thin materials that show through. Shirts that flare out at the bust and are too wide at the waist are equally uncomfortable. The same goes for summer dresses. No one wants to show their panties to the world. Is it so hard to sew a lining?


    5 All Shades of Black

    Dark clothes come in different shades. Black is uneven on different garments and sometimes it does not look so good.


    6 Stretch Sweaters

    Sweaters that stretch after the first wash.

    7 Impractical Workwear

    Only men's workwear is comfortable and practical. Most female counterpart is restrictive and focuses on patterns and colors rather than functionality.

    8 Too Much Ornamentation

    Non-functional and terrible details on clothing: tacky frills, strange lettering, too many sequins, too many cutouts and too long straps on handbags.


    #10 Uncomfortable Bras

    Bras stuffed to the limit with lots of lace and embellishments. Bras are meant to be comfortable to wear, not to please the eye of men.

    #11 Revelling Leggings

    Leggings that are to sheer to wear in public


    #12 Problem with Length

    All shirts have the same length of sleeves and are not adapted to women's height. It is the same with many pants. Short women and tall women have a problem to buy pants with the right length.


    #13 Unstandardized Sizing.

    Large differences between different shops sizes. Sometimes a size S dress is good, and other times and L is just like a skirt.


    #14 Patterned Sportswear

    Sportswear is usually very colorful and patterned. It's hard to find something in muted colors. And not every woman wants to look like a custard cupcake at the gym.


    #15 Obtrusive Logos

    Giant logos of famous companies printed on clothes. Not everyone wants to be a walking advertisement.

    #16 No Idea for Plus Size Clothes

    Plus size clothes that have too many embellishments and make the woman look like she's wearing a disguise or a Barbie doll.

    #17 Short Dresses.

    On websites usually manufacturers do not give the length of dresses and do not inform about the height of models. After the purchase it turns out that the dress does not even cover the crotch.


    #18 Clothes That Wear No Bra

    Dresses with a bravely cut back, thefore is no possibility to wear a bra under. Let's not kid ourselves, most women don't feel confident without a bra.


    #19 Mismatched Jeans

    Jeans that fit perfectly around the thighs and calves, but are mismatched at the hips and waist.

    #20 Poor-quality fabrics.

    Poor quality fabrics that get moldy and damaged quite quickly. There are still too many polyester clothes on the market. And this fabric doesn't breathe at all.


    #21 On Models Everything Looks Good

    On models all clothes look perfect. Then that beautiful number, turns out to be a mess that only looks good only on a slim girl. Not every woman has an ideal figure. Clothing manufacturers forget about it.


    What annoys you most about the clothes that manufacturers offer in stores?

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