20 Fabulous Tattoos Inspired by Disney Characters

    20 Fabulous Tattoos Inspired by Disney Characters

    20 Fabulous Tattoos  Inspired by Disney Characters
    11:21 AM EDT, June 16, 2020

    Here is a list of 20 tattoos of the most popular Disney characters. Is your favourite one in any of the pictures?

    #20 Does anybody else like Elsa so much?


    #19 Pocahontas – the message of the story is even more up-to-date now than it was back then


    #18 Dory of ‘Finding Nemo’ reminds you to keep smiling


    #17 Aladdin - ‘Reminds me to do everything to make my dreams come true’

    #16 Aristocats – though the cartoon is not as popular as other Disney productions, it does have its devoted fans!

    #15 Merida – ‘When I was young I didn’t like my hair. It’s a pity the film wasn’t on then.’

    #14 Bambi – doesn’t it still move you to tears whenever you think of it?

    #13 Hercules

    #12. Toy Story is a classic. I guess it doesn’t call for any further explanation why someone would choose a tattoo like this…

    #11 Winnie the Pooh – education and entertainment, for the young and the old

    #10 Minnie Mouse

    #9 Everybody knows Snow White and seven dwarfs

    #8 This one comes from Sleeping Beauty

    #7  Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

    #6 Peter Pan – never forget about the child inside you

    #5 Lilo & Stitch – whenever I think of it, I immediately picture the beach…

    #4 A wonderful and minimalist tattoo inspired by the Little Mermaid

    #3 Mickey Mouse

    #2 An inspiration by Alice in Wonderland

    #1 Simba from ‘The Lion King- - don’t forget who you really are’

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