2 Ways to Safely Remove Hybrid Gel from Your Nails without Damaging Them

    2 Ways to Safely Remove Hybrid Gel from Your Nails without Damaging Them

    2 Ways to Safely Remove Hybrid Gel from Your Nails without Damaging Them
    9:41 AM EDT, June 4, 2020

    The hybrid gel on your nails is wonderful and lasts really long. A regular nail polish remover will not work then. What can we do when our beautician is not there to help us?

    It is acetone or just a nail file that are used most commonly. Take a look at few hints we have got for you to find out when and how acetone should be used as well as when the nail file itself will be enough.

    How to remove hybrid gel at home

    Acetone is used to remove the hybrid gel completely while nail file comes in handy when only want to change the colour of the polish. However, when you want to remove the hybrid gel with acetone, grinding down the outer layer is also recommended.

    How to remove hybrid gel at home – acetone

    Acetone, apart from having an unpleasant smell, damages nails and skin. That is why it is essential that we use it properly. To do so, apply some cosmetic oil on the nail and the skin around it to prevent them from drying during the treatment.

    The things you need:

    -nail file (180 grit)

    -a cotton wad


    -aluminium foil

    - a wooden stick or a dedicated ceramic spatula

    1. Grind down the outer layer of the polish with the nail file.


    The thing is that the outer layers of hybrid gel are hardened with a substance which can’t be removed with acetone. That is why the layer has to be ground down. Besides the more polish we grind down, the better acetone will work and we won’t have to repeat the whole procedure.

    2. Apply the wad soaked in acetone to the nail and wrap it with aluminium foil.

    Make sure the wad touches only the nail. There is no need to soak the whole wad.


    3. Wait 10 minutes

    If you use a regular nail polish remover, then wait 15 minutes.


    4. Take off the wad wrapping and gently remove the polish with the stick.


    Please note that acetone damages our natural nails so it must not be kept for too long on the finger. That is why it is recommended to grind down as much polish as possible with the nail file or a dedicated nail file drill, with only the remaining bit to be dissolved with acetone.

    How to remove hybrid gel at home – grinding down

    Using a 180-grit nail file we can grind down the polish to the base layer. If the base layer is thick enough, all we need to do then is, after grinding down the polish, to put on another layer and complete it on the grown parts and polish the nails with another colour.

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