18 Examples of Street Art. They Will Leave You Speechless

    18 Examples of Street Art. They Will Leave You Speechless

    7:51 AM EST, January 25, 2020, updated: 6:33 PM EST, January 25, 2023

    You might have heard of the Banksy’s picture that once sold at an auction, later destroyed itself. This example shows that street art has entered yet another level. Graffiti is no longer just wall doodling and vandalizing old houses. Though some of the ‘artists’ still have much more to do with vandals, there are pieces that impress everyone.

    Take a look at a collection of 20 jaw-dropping murals!

    #1 ‘Welcome!’

    #2 Scary for drivers, scary for pedestrians

    #3 Believe it or not, these balloons are not real

    #4 The heartbeat of love

    #5 A head full of dreams

    #6 We are all children

    #7 LEGO is better than concrete

    #8 Examining these tiny people

    #9 Trains could be canvas, too

    #10 Perfect camouflage

    #11 Crocodiles roaming the city

    #12 A perfect truck

    #13 Sometimes you come across art in the least expected place

    #14 We’re all just puppets

    #15 A bit of light

    #16 No details you can easily focus on

    #17 By bike or by horse?

    #18 That’s a good dog





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