17 Reasons Why We Suggest to Have Sandpaper Always at Hand

    17 Reasons Why We Suggest to Have Sandpaper Always at Hand

    5:15 AM EDT, September 9, 2021

    Probably every DIY enthusiast has sandpaper in his garage. It is suitable not only for wood or metal improvements. It is worth pulling it out of the basement, because it will help you in many cleaning works (also garden). Thanks to it you can easily unscrew jars or snails.

    #1 Removing Rust

    You can remove rust from tools or other metal objects with sandpaper. Just be sure to choose a finer-grained paper that will not damage the metal coating.


    #2 Slug and Snail Deterrence

    To keep slugs and snails away from your garden, use an environmentally friendly method. Cut circles out of sandpaper and place pots on them (the rough parts must be larger than the base of the pots). You can also cut strips of sandpaper and make rings to surround the stems of your plants.


    #3 Securing Stairs

    Attach strips cut from a sheet of sandpaper to the steps of the stairs. It will be much safer to walk down them in winter.


    #4 Sharpen Scissors

    Cut sandpaper to sharpen your scissors.


    #5 Freshen up Suede Shoes

    Wipe your distressed suede shoes lightly with sandpaper, then do the same with a toothbrush (use a circular motion). This will help the shoes regain their shine.


    #6 File Your Nails

    If you happen to have misplaced your file, replace it with sandpaper. It is great for filing human and dog nails.


    #7 Sharpen Needles

    You can sharpen dull needles by rubbing them against sandpaper.


    #8 Removing Burned Food

    Sometimes no cloth or brush can remove burnt food. Sandpaper can do the job. Just remember not to scrub the porcelain and glass with it.


    #9 Shoe Sole Protection

    Slippery shoes are a real nightmare. To regain their grip, rub the soles of your shoes with sandpaper until they become rough.


    #10 Keeping Cutting Boards Clean

    Clean wooden kitchen utensils and cutting boards with sandpaper. By sanding their surface, you will be sure to get rid of dirt and germs.


    #11 Opening Jars

    Sandpaper is better for opening jars than cloths.


    #12 Cleaning Grout

    Some stains on grout are so resistant that nothing can remove them. In this case, use sandpaper. Just be careful not to scratch the tiles.


    #13 Removing Dead Skin

    This may seem a bit controversial, but sandpaper will remove dead skin from your heels.


    #14 Cat-proofing Furniture

    Cats love to scratch furniture. To stop them, tack pieces of sandpaper to shelves or cabinets. The furries will immediately change their habits.


    #15 Removing Pen Marks

    Sandpaper will also remove pen marks from wooden surfaces. However, do not use it on lacquered furniture or veneer.


    #16 Making Ornaments

    Sandpaper can be used to make all kinds of decorations (including Christmas ones) together with your children. Simply cut out any shape and decorate as desired.


    #17 Removing Wrinkles

    If you don't have a razor handy, take some sandpaper and remove the wrinkles from sweaters and other clothes. Use circular motions.


    Have you already seen these sandpaper tricks before?

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