17 Clever Hacks to Make Moving House Easier

    17 Clever Hacks to Make Moving House Easier

    4:11 PM EDT, July 9, 2022, updated: 3:51 PM EDT, July 10, 2022

    Relocating is never a pleasant experience. Transporting all the boxes and awkward bags of shoes and heavy books from the third floor to the first floor can be really tiring. Now, imagine moving as many as three times a year. Once from the third floor to a fourth, and then from the fourth to a house… Fortunately, there are tricks that will make this task easier for everyone!

    If you're moving too, check out these tricks that will make moving from one apartment to another easier and more fun!

    #1 Prepare A Box Of Lunch Items


    When moving and moving a lot, appetites build up very quickly. I know from personal experience that we often put all the groceries in boxes and forget to leave the things we need for meal prep. Instead of ordering a pizza, prepare yourself a box where you put, for example, spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and spices. Ideally, these should be small capacity products or those already started. This way, you can quickly cook a delicious and nutritious dinner during the move.

    #2 Glue Jewelry To Cardboard Box


    Small items often get lost during a move. To keep them from separating from your favorite jewelry, it's a good idea to tape necklaces and earrings to cardboard. If your jewelry doesn't include tangs made of string, you can be sure that the tape won't damage your necklaces and will keep them from getting damaged and lost.

    #3 Use A Toilet Paper Roll


    Another option to secure your favorite pendants is to thread them through a toilet paper roll.

    #4 Large Buttons Will Help You Take Care Of Your Earrings


    Large buttons are a great patent for securing your earrings. If you haven't kept your earrings in one specific place, but in a big box where they always get tangled up with other earrings, it's high time to think about buttons! Secure the buttons with foil and put them in a box to make sure they won't get lost when you move them around.

    #5 Protect your Cosmetics


    No woman likes her cosmetics to fall apart-especially if they are expensive shadows or no longer manufactured highlighter. If you want to avoid breakage, protect your cosmetics with cotton wool or cotton pads.

    #6 Tape Mirror


    If you never really thought about how to move a mirror before, but learned the hard way during a move, it's a good idea to invest in some wide adhesive tape. Even if the mirror is damaged, the tape will hold the crumbled pieces together - thus protecting yourself and the other items.

    #7 Pack Fragile Items In Towels


    To protect plates and glass bowls, wrap them in towels or linens. You have to move both items anyway, so why not kill two birds at once? 😉

    #8 Put Small Items In Separate Bags


    If you've disassembled a table for transport, you're probably wondering how to hide all the screws. The solution is very simple. Place them in a small bag and then tape it to the furniture using duct tape.

    #9 Sign the Boxes!


    This is very important because it will make it easier for you to unpack the boxes later and find all the items. You can sign them on colored tape or just on cardboard. Write exactly what is in each box and what room the box should be moved to.

    #10 Take Pictures


    Kids will want to pack up their toys themselves, but after the move, they won't remember which box holds their beloved doll or pony. Instead of opening each box in search of a toy, just take a picture of the contents and glue it to the box before closing it. This way, your child will only open the box that contains the lost item.

    #11 Put Your Most Important Documents In A Binder


    If you're worried about losing your documents during a move, put them in separate plastic bags and put them in a binder.

    #12 Store Small Items In Pots


    Instead of buying special boxes, use the free space of the pots you want to take with you. This will make transporting and packing more economical.

    #13 Don't Forget Your First Aid Kit


    You never know what's going to happen, so once you've stowed all your medications, leave a tiny cosmetic bag with painkillers, plasters, bandages, etc. You will always be able to provide first aid in case there is an unfortunate accident while moving boxes.

    #14 Pack Your Shoes In A Wine Box


    Shoe boxes can take up a lot of space, so it is better to remove them and transport your shoes in wine boxes. If you don't have wine boxes, ask for them at the store - they are often thrown away after delivery, so ask the store staff for them.

    #15 Carry Books in a Suitcase


    If you are a bookworm and have to transport all your books to your new apartment, then you probably know that moving them in boxes will be a difficult and hard task. Therefore, putting your books in a suitcase can be a much lighter task - just make sure your suitcase has wheels!

    #16 Get Rid Of Unnecessary Stuff


    Do you really need all that junk you've accumulated over the years? You probably never use most of it and some of it you may never even use.

    #17 Make A List


    It will help you to keep track of all the chaos. You can write on it what is in what box, it will make it easier for you to find the item.

    Do you have any tricks for moving? Share your thoughts with us!

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