16 Quirky Facts From the World of Science. Stuff You Don't Learn in School!

    16 Quirky Facts From the World of Science. Stuff You Don't Learn in School!

    16 Quirky Facts From the World of Science. Stuff You Don't Learn in School!
    4:01 PM EST, December 8, 2020, updated: 6:07 PM EST, December 8, 2020

    Knowledge. Who doesn't like it, even if it is not very useful? Well, that's right! We have gathered quite unusual information for you. Which of them do you find most interesting?

    #1 The DNA of a banana is 50% alike human DNA


    #2 Tardigrades are the most enduring creatures on earth. They are able to withstand eternal permafrost, radiation and even survive in space. Scientists are still investigating how they are so strong.


    #3 Honey is the only food that does not go off. It is all because of hydrogen peroxide, which is formed by the oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid.


    #6 Theoretically, if there was a shaft in the depths of the earth, the journey to the other side of the planet would take 42 minutes. Of course, no one or anything can survive such a journey because of the temperature inside our planet.


    #9 Do you like Star Wars or Star Trek spacecrafts? From a scientific point of view, their appearance is meaningless - there is no air resistance up there, so the vehicle might as well be a big square.


    #10 In space we wouldn't also witness epic battles. Sound as well as fire aren't perceived, so clashes of even the largest fleets would be played in silence.


    #14 What can you do as the Emperor of Rome? For example, start fighting against Poseidon! Emperor Caligula was so mad that he set up an army on the seafront and told his soldiers… to attack the waves. He later announced that he "defeated the god of the seas and oceans".


    #15 A facial hair tax. That's right, it was during tsar of Russia in the reign of Peter I the Great. He considered beard to be 'the wild custom of uncivilised nations' and ordered the payment of tax on it. The nobility there didn't like it very much, as they considered the beard to be their hallmark.


    #16 Coca-Cola thrown into water will sink. The Cola Light will float on the surface. The sugar is simply heavier than the sweeteners used in Cola Light.


    Which of these weird facts surprised you the most?

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