14 Things You Could Do with Coffee You Never Knew Were Possible

    14 Things You Could Do with Coffee You Never Knew Were Possible

    8:05 PM EDT, July 29, 2020

    Of course I drink it. I drink as much coffee as I can. Aromatic, sweet, with milk. I just can’t imagine a single day in my life without my favorite, vanilla flavored, freshly ground coffee. It gives me a boost of energy to get me working all day!

    The thing is, however, that for me coffee is not just a hot beverage. Will you believe me if I tell you there are at least 13 things you can do using coffee? Continue reading to find out!

    #1 Absorbing nasty smells


    Our refrigerators are packed with products that may smell bad kept there for some time. Once the smells of vegetables, old milk and dinner leftovers get together, the smell striking you at opening it at the dour might make you close it again.

    To get rid of it, put some fresh coffee grounds into the fridge (in a small bowl for example).

    Coffee grains will work just as well if put in a bag into a wardrobe or pantry. Remember to replace them weekly so that the coffee scent is fresh and intensive.

    Coffee grounds also neutralize the smell of biodegradable garbage.

    #2 Fighting cellulite

    Most expensive cosmetics designed to reduce cellulite contain caffeine. Instead of spending a fortune simply mix warm coffee grounds with coconut oil and do the peeling yourself.

    #3 Hair conditioner

    You don’t have to visit any cosmetics stores to make your hair look healthy and shiny again. There are several natural ways to do it. Make a cup of hot strong coffee and let it cool down. Sieve it and soak your hair with it. Leave it on your hair for 20 minutes then wash it. Repeat it every week to get a permanent effect.

    Remember that this method works only in case of dark hair.

    #4 Great compost ingredient


    Coffee grounds are rich in phosphor, magnesium and copper. When they decompose, all the elements are released to the soil. No wonder that many gardeners recommend that coffee grounds should be used this way.

    #5 Removing nasty smells off your hands

    You were chopping garlic and although you have washed your hands a few times, the garlic scent is still there. Remedy? Just rub your hands with some coffee grounds and wash them with warm water.

    #6 Exfoliation of epidermis


    Coffee fights cellulite and restores the natural beauty of hair. As if that was not enough, it can help you smoothen your skin. The texture of ground coffee removes dead epidermis – make your own scrub mixing a spoonful of coffee, half a spoonful of olive oil and a few drops of an essential oil.

    #7 Ant repellant

    The smell of coffee is so strong that if you scatter in in spots infested with ants, they will quickly go away. All you need is a bit of dried coffee grounds and soon the ants will be looking for another destination.

    #8 Keep stray cats at bay


    If you have a female cat, or if there are plenty of stray cats in your areas that come meowing at your door, use coffee! Again, scatter some grounds all around the house (outside of course). Of course remember that your pet may come across them, too.

    #9 Your DIY fertilizer


    Pour some coffee grounds around your plants’ roots. Lilies of the valley, azaleas, blueberries and other plants will bloom wonderfully. You can also dilute some grounds and pour the mixture into the pot.

    #10 Fix scratches on your furniture

    If there are some scratches on your table and you want to fix them asap, instant coffee will sort it out. If the surface is dark, apply some coffee using a cotton bud (a Q-Tip) and rub it into the scratch. Wait until it dries. If the scratch is still visible, do it again

    #11 Coffee as a cleaning agent


    It works as a natural detergent cleaning pots and pans. With coffee you are capable of wonders without any chemicals applied.

    #12 Reduce the dark circles under your eyes


    Not only does coffee stimulate us, but it also helps to remove the symptoms of fatigue. Mix some coffee grounds with a bit of olive oil and apply it on your body, If you have a high pressure coffee machine, you can use the grounds to treat the dark circles under your eyes.

    #13 Clean your barbecue


    If you want to clean the grill, put some grounds onto a sponge and give it a good clean. Finally wash everything away with warm water.

    #14 Exterminate fleas


    Fleas hate the smell of coffee. Rub the stew of coffee grounds (sieved) in your pet’s skin. This is a natural way to eliminate the parasite from your cat’s or dog’s fur. Coffee won’t smell as bad as some chemicals and will be by all means safer for your animals.

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