13 Weird Buildings Ruining the Image of the Biggest Cities in the World. Their Designers Gave in to Their Fantasies

    13 Weird Buildings Ruining the Image of the Biggest Cities in the World. Their Designers Gave in to Their Fantasies

    13 Weird Buildings Ruining the Image of the Biggest Cities in the World. Their Designers Gave in to Their Fantasies
    3:02 AM EDT, June 12, 2020, updated: 4:39 AM EDT, June 12, 2020

    Of course tastes shouldn’t be a matter of debate. However, you must admit that at least once you have seen a building that was so ugly that you didn’t know whether to take a photo or simply run away and forget ever seeing it. Unfortunately, I follow the rule ‘What has been seen, can’t be unseen’. You are watching this gallery at your own risk and responsibility. Here come the ugliest buildings of the world!

    #1 Elephant-building. Only to be seen in Bangkok

    #2 The Kaden Tower in Kentucky is so weird that I begin to wonder whether it is just weird or perhaps I am beginning to enjoy it…

    #3 The Orbit Tower was built in 2012 for the Olympic Games held in London

    The tower offers a view of the Olympic village. This is unfortunately everything that ‘the crashed rollercoaster’, also referred to as ‘post-nuclear Eiffel tower’ offers.

    #4 No, it’s not your nightmare. You ARE looking at a gigantic basket

    The Longaberger Basket Company is by all means of the strangest buildings ever designed. The essence of kitsch and architectural failure to be ‘admired’ in Newark, Ohio.

    #5 A building shaped like a Chinese coin? Why not!

    The Fang Yuan Building in China is so original that it simply had to appear here.

    #6 Even the Dutch themselves consider Delftware Warming Station as one of the most horrible structures in the world

    No wonder. You will wait long until you see it in any architecture course books.

    #7 The Wat Samphran temple

    If you happen to be in Thailand, please ask the locals about this temple. Although it is missing from most guidebooks and books about the country, you really have to find it and see the temple coiled by a 17-metre dragon.

    #8 The Groke-shaped building

    Seen from the front the Selfridges Department Store, England, looks a bit like the Groke of the Moomin stories. However, when you look at its side it makes you think of a stretched jellyfish. Inside there are hundreds of shops. If you visit Birmingham one day, don’t miss it!

    #9 Blocks of flats in French style

    The post-Soviet blocks of flats in Eastern Europe look really good compared to Tours Aillaud, Nanerre, France.

    #10 The futuristic vision of China

    CCTV Tower in Beijing, China. Built in 2008 is the main seat of the Central Chinese Television.

    #11 A church in Liverpool

    Church architecture is a separate topic. There are few examples comparable to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, however, will never be the city’s favourite landmark

    #12 Apartments in Seattle

    Metal elements and leaning balconies give the building an unusual look, But was it really necessary?

    #13 Edificio Mirador

    Spanish architectures enjoys a very good reputation. Jean Miro, Picasso, Dali and Gaudi were all Spaniards. Unfortunately, the block you can find in Madrid is not a very important part of Spanish architectural heritage.

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