13 Takeaway Food Hacks. Things Can Be Cheaper and Faster

    13 Takeaway Food Hacks. Things Can Be Cheaper and Faster

    13 Takeaway Food Hacks. Things Can Be Cheaper and Faster
    4:01 AM EDT, April 28, 2024

    Ordering food via smartphone apps is getting more and more popular. Today we have got a few hints and clues for you how to make the takeaway procedure a smoother and cheaper experience.

    #1 Discounts for new customers

    A number of applications offer discounts for new users. Sometimes this is a free delivery, sometimes it is just a price reduction. If you are very lucky, you can even get a free dish. So before you place your first order make sure if such options are available for you.


    #2 Take advantage of free delivery

    Some restaurants offer free delivery when your order meets the minimum value criterion. So sometimes it is better to order more than pay for delivery. Last but not least it’s food you are interested in, not the fuel costs.

    #3 Chinese food boxes

    They could be easily unfolded and used as plates. Eat your meal comfortably and forget the washing-up.

    #4 Heat the food properly

    If you haven’t eaten everything, you can always have it later on. Just remember that you don’t heat all dishes in the same way. Rice needs some moisture while pasta is best heated when fried. To heat pizza, put it for a minute on a hot frying pan and then put it into the oven. You can also use a microwave as long as there is a small bowl of water around – thanks to the steam the pizza will stay crunchy.

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    #5 Forget your French fries

    French fries always get too cold on the way. Before they reach your doorstep they are already too soft and too cold. So if your favorite bar is not just round the corner, you’d better replace the fries with an extra salad or another portion of meat.

    #6 Use the sauce leftovers

    The dinner is over but the sauce is not? You can just as well use it for another meal, even if that is to be tomorrow.

    #7 Clear delivery instructions

    While filling in the order form, there is always the extra info cell. You can always leave some details about your location or your preferences regarding a contactless delivery. The more information, the easier and faster the whole process will be.

    #8 Stay up-to-date with promotions

    Some applications run some promotional campaigns on quite regular basis. Burgers are cheaper during an American week, two dishes are available at the price of one or there are some other extras for free. More for less. And that’s we all like isn’t it?

    #9 Invite your workmates

    When you order some food while working in the office, there might be some other who want to join you. This is how you slash the delivery costs. Moreover, some applications generate a special individual code. When your mate enters it, then you both can grab a bonus, which could be a free delivery or a discount.

    #10 Use a few applications

    Delivery can be expensive. It depends on a variety of factors, including availability of the delivery personnel, the application charges or the distance. That is why you should compare the prices before you actually order your lunch.

    #11 If you want to pick it up yourself, never select that option in the app.

    The best way in such situation is to call the bar or restaurant directly. The application charge fees which makes the food slightly more expensive. So if you want to save, just phone them and collect the food yourself.

    #12 Keep the seats warm

    Let your pizza experience some comfort. If you put the box on a heat seat, the pizza will remain warm much longer.


    #13 Check your order

    Restaurants always protect the boxes with tapes and staples. If they are damaged, you had better check the contents.

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