13 Morning Habits that Will Completely Change Your Day! Step-by-Step Guidance

    13 Morning Habits that Will Completely Change Your Day! Step-by-Step Guidance

    13 Morning Habits that Will Completely Change Your Day! Step-by-Step Guidance
    6:31 PM EST, January 1, 2021, updated: 5:42 PM EST, January 2, 2021

    The most effective morning routine & habits to be more productive, in a better mood and to have more energy for the day!


    Waking up one full hour before you have to before you have to get out the door or if you you are mom before your kids wake up so taking that full hour to yourself and that's how long this whole routine will usually take you

    2.When your alarm goes off, immediately get out of bed!

    Roll right out of bed , the only thing in your head should be : GET UP!

    3.If you have blinds...

    Walk right over them and let the light in . That will naturally start to wake you up.

    Go over to your nightstand and always have water already set up from the night before on it. Drink plenty of water to start your day ( adding some juice would be even better than plain water!)- maybe you don't realise but that feeling of beeing tired and groggy is very ofted releted to dehydration .We usually don't drink enough so even forcing yourself to drink right when you wake up will make a huge difference!

    4.Now you are probably standing by your nightstand by the bed so...make the bed!

    You are there already and just by taking a couple of minutes to make your bed can make your whole room look so much cleaner.

    5.Walk over to your bathroom and...

    The next little habit you can incorporate into your morning routine is applying your skincare cold - using your skincare cold really helps to wake you up and to energise you in the morning - it just makes the entire experience feel more luxorious. Use little silicone brush! Apply your skincare using little silicone brush as all of this together will make a very enjoyable a couple of minutes of your morning that you will love and you will look forward to !

    6.On your way out the door...

    Grab a laundry basket - another thing you can do is doing two smaller loads of laundry a week- so you will not ended up with a whole massive laungry situation! Do it in a small manageable chunks!

    7.From the laundry room or from anywhere that you keep your washing machine...

    Go straight into the kitchen and start your diffuser - if you don't have one , invest some money into buying it! It may seem like an unnecessary item but scent is so important in our lives and influence your mood, your brain, your memory and even change the way you see yorself, people, hunger, and things you buy- hence scent marketing!

    A few drops of grapefruit and lemon is very uplifting and energising in the morning.

    8. And the favourite part of the morning is...

    ...when you have something to look forward to!So this could be an amazing decadent cup of coffee, cup of tea, whatever it is that excites you!

    9.Make a breakfast!

    Waking up earlier will stop your excuses from not having enough time to eat! If you don't usually eat in the morning start with something small, something light, no sugary and something that will not make you want to go back sleep!

    10.While you are eating ...

    You can watch some videos or listen to some podcast but have you noticed that you haven't ruined your morning by checking your phone yet! You had time to do many other things! Don't check your emails or twitter.

    You will find, that you really need to be awake and energized and in a good mood before you do all of that- checking you email especially ! If you ever do get bad news it's better to be in a right mental place

    11. After you have eaten...

    Make sure you will clean up after yourself. I am sure that you don't make a huge mess but just look aroung to make sure that things are mostly in order before you go to work or before your child wakes up and terrorized the space

    People usually feel more calm when things are in order it just stresses people's up t wake up into a messy cluttered environment

    12. Now...

    It's time for a quick make up ! But first organise your make up products in the simplest possible way ever! Let's be real - You don't normally use all of your products, but you have some that you use everyday. Put them aside and you will not have to waste your time searching for them every morning! Find a nice make up box - even some fluffy one as everything you do in the morning can and should be a really nice experience that set you up for the day. Take care of yourself by doing even those small things.

    13.If you still have a few minutes to spare ...

    Plan your day ! You can use the Google keep up to have your to-do-list so to get that in order, sort it all out.

    Use that one hour to get yourself on the track!


    Let us know what is your one thing that you like to do in the morning that you feel sets your day on the right track.

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