13 Interesting Applications of Lemon and Its Juice. It Is a Natural Alternative to Several Medications and Cosmetics

    13 Interesting Applications of Lemon and Its Juice. It Is a Natural Alternative to Several Medications and Cosmetics

    9:12 AM EDT, May 17, 2024

    Lemons add a distinct flavor to a dishes and their scent is associated with cleanness and hygiene. That is why this fragrance is a key ingredient of many detergents, candles and air fresheners.

    As a matter of fact, lemon is not just a valued source of distinct smell and taste, it can also be a medication!

    Find out the properties of lemon and share it with your friends!

    #1 Respiratory system diseases


    When you suffer from asthma, an allergy or a common cold, a lemon inhalation is worth a try.

    You can also slice a fresh lemon and leave the slices in your bedroom. You will notice a big difference as breathing will be much easier.

    #2 Nails and hair

    If you are a smoker or if your nails are dark as a result of polishing, lemon is almost indispensable. Just rub them with it.

    What is more, lemon juice helps fragile finger nails and fight onychomycosis.

    Hair washed with lemon water will be a bit brighter with a healthy shine.

    #3 Itchy, scaly and dry scalp

    Dilute fresh lemon juice with a bit of water and apply the mixture onto the scalp. Leave it there for five minutes and then wash with a gentle shampoo. If you have dandruff, do not water the juice down.

    #4 Rough elbows and knees

    Take a half of a lemon and rub the places. They will soon get soft and smooth.

    #5 Bad breath

    Apart from brushing your teeth and chewing gum after meals, a few sips of lemony water will do, too.


    #6 Insect bites

    Insect bites will heal much better when you apply lemon juice. It has got some antiseptic and astringent properties. Apply a few drops and you will soon notice a difference.

    #7 Mouth and throat inflammations

    Sore throat and painful mouth ulcers are not pleasant at all. You can cure them faster if you wash your mouth with a mixture of water and lemon juice.

    #8 Bad mood and concentration problems

    Did you know that lemon essential oil can help you charge your batteries and make you generally feel better? Just a few drops into a bowl of water left in your living space and you will immediately feel better!

    #9 Headaches


    A few drops of lemon in a cup of coffee make a great painkiller!

    #10 Indigestion

    Heartburn, minor stomachaches and the nasty feeling of being full can all be treated with lemon juice, which neutralizes the excess of stomach acid.

    #11 Diet


    A glass of water with lemon on an empty stomach will stimulate your metabolism. Definitely worth trying!

    #12 Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

    For those who do not tolerate milk or simple don’t like eating dairy products, lemon is a good alternative to prevent osteoporosis. Lemon juice helps our bodies to absorb calcium, so important for our bones. Moreover, American scientists have proven that drinking lemon juice also prevents osteoarthritis, keeping our joints safer.

    #13 Wrinkles and saggy skin

    Lemon contains a lot of antioxidants which makes they a genuine spring of youth, if it’s eaten on regular basis. You can reduce and/or delay skin ageing of you drink lemon juice frequently.


    Please note that lemon juice must always be drunk diluted and it should never be consumed in excessive amounts, as it may cause irritation of the digestive system.

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