12 Ways Save Water in the Kitchen. Your Home Budget Will Benefit From These Tricks!

    12 Ways Save Water in the Kitchen. Your Home Budget Will Benefit From These Tricks!

    4:46 PM EDT, October 30, 2020

    Scientists estimate that with the current rapid development of civilization and changes in the environment, freshwater resources on Earth may disappear completely in 2050. That is why it is so important to manage wisely and develop good habits. Saving water in the kitchen is easier than you think. Your home budget and our planet will thank you. 😉


    How to stop wasting water in the kitchen?


    • Only start the dishwasher when it is full.
    • Repair all leaking taps.
    • Keep the dishes clean. Don't let it get stuck in the sink and the rest of the food dry on the plates. Then you will need more water to clean them.
    • Once you have poured water into the pot or other container, turn off the tap immediately. Do not allow it to flow into the sink without the need.
    • Do not wash dishes under running water. Fill the sink chamber with it and get to work. Do not forget to rinse glasses and cutlery later.
    • Invest in the aerator. It is a small element equipped with fine mesh sieves. Installed on the kitchen faucet, it helps aerate the water. It reduces water flow to 5 l/min. Without the aerator, the water flow rate is 13 l/min.
    • You can also think about buying a laser earator. The water jet only starts up when you bring your hands close to the tap. You will not have to remember to turn the tap off all the time.
    • An interesting solution is also a thermostatic mixer. It has a built-in thermostat, which makes the flowing water always have the same temperature. You will not have to set it manually and you will not waste water with the wrong temperature.


    • Try to steam
    • Remember to cover the pots. This way the water will not evaporate quickly and you will not need to add any more water.
    • Do not wash fruits and vegetables under running water. Do it in a bowl.


    • Do not just pour out the water that you've used washing your vegetable or washing pasta/rice. Use it for watering the plants. Do the same id you have water left over from your sports bottle.

    What are your ways to save water in your kitchen?

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