11 makeover photos to inspire you to update your space during quarantine

    11 makeover photos to inspire you to update your space during quarantine

    11 makeover photos to inspire you to update your space during quarantine
    8:34 AM EDT, May 8, 2020

    Changes in our lives never come easy. But once they do, the way we view things is dramatically different. Whenever we redecorate our place or change something about our appearance, that also improves our self-esteem and, simply speaking, makes us feel better.

    According to psychologists, changing one thing in our environment influences our routines, prevents depression and helps us overcome several difficulties.

    Have a look at some of the makeovers. On the left you will see boring grey interior. On the right their new image.


    Bathrooms in flats are usually tiny. If you want it to look bigger, paint the walls white or fix some white boards on the walls. To avoid the feeling of emptiness and make it cosier, fix a shelf with some decorations, for example flowers or a slogan , over the toilet.


    Cabinets that look overwhelmingly heavy might be replaced with bright open shelves. White colour will make it look lighter as it reflects the light.


    Another proof that white colour and wooden cabinets look perfect in small rooms. Even coffee tastes better in a room like this!


    Sometimes all you need to do is to replace the front door with one that lets in some light, add a few flowers and a bright doormat. Something that used to be so dull and dark looks so homely now.


    It’s not just the colour of the walls. Look at the dark and heavy curtains. They let in hardly any light. Why not replace them with something lighter and brighter? The fireplace should be an elegant and cosy part of your house – paint it another colour or cover with some bright brick.


    Loft may also look cosy. In this case the slanted ceiling was redecorated and the wall between the rooms was broken through. Sliding door works perfectly here and give the place a touch of luxury.


    The pictures are a fantastic example of how a wall unit can make the room a little bit overwhelming. Replace the cabinets with shelves. The windows may be uncovered a bit and the heavy curtains should hear your ‘goodbye’. Smaller and brighter chairs at the dining table is another element you need to take into account.


    Sometimes one big room is much better than two small ones. What about knocking down the wall so that all the furniture and accessories will have much more space to be arranged properly? Don’t you think it will look much more interesting?


    Your old dining room can be converted into a nice studio kitchen. First of all pay attention to the stylish pictures and colourful accessories. Every room is all about the colours. However, be moderate. Take one colour from an picture and then use the same in other places.


    Paint the walls and get rid of overwhelming furniture. This will cheer you up and make you an even more creative person.


    Replace the boring tiles with the matt pearly ones. They will make a perfect background for some photos or such accessories as initials or hangers for dressing gowns.

    Which makeover did you like the most?
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