11 Flowers That Only Bloom at Night. They Smell Wonderful and Are Suitable For the Garden!

    11 Flowers That Only Bloom at Night. They Smell Wonderful and Are Suitable For the Garden!

    11:54 AM EDT, August 6, 2022, updated: 7:10 PM EDT, August 6, 2022

    There are flowers that bloom at dusk. What they most often have in common is an intense fragrance that is lacking among many other plants grown in our gardens. The queen of one night, the moon vine and other plants, enchant us with their flowers and fragrance at the most beautiful time of day, at sunset….

    When evening comes, some flowers begin to attract insects with their beautiful scent. There are some that literally glow in the twilight! The scent of some of these flowers is often heavenly, which is why it is worth having at least one type in your garden.

    #1 Moonflower (Ipomoea Alba)

    This climber is considered an annual in our climate. It grows very fast and has characteristic white flowers that open shortly before dusk and early in the morning. The white flowers attract moths, which pollinate them. This is why it is also called moon vine


    #2 Water Lily Blooming At Night

    Night-blooming varieties of lilies include the tropical ones. Their flowers open late in the evening and close before noon the next day.


    #3 Evening Primrose

    It has distinctive yellow flowers that open at night and close in the morning. Evening primrose usually blooms from June to September.


    #4 Jalapa Knapweed - Mirabilis Jalapa

    An annual plant that opens its flowers in the late afternoon and closes them in the morning, giving off an amazing fragrance. Interestingly its flowers are fluorescent - they glow at night. Its first flowers do not appear until July.


    #5 Night Gladiolus

    Maybe someone has such swordtails? I haven't seen them here yet…


    #6 Nottingham Catchfly

    Perennial plant with pendulous white or pink flowers that open at night.


    #7 Zaluzianskya Capensis -Night Flox

    Has small, fragrant flowers that open at night. During the day the flowers close forming tiny balls.

    It's not very popular generally, although fairly easy to cultivate.


    #8 Matthiola Longipetala

    This is a popular marsh marigold. Its flowers open only in the evening giving off a beautiful fragrance.


    #9 Epifyllum

    This plant, which belongs to the cacti, can be successfully grown outdoors in summer. Its flowers open only for a few hours at night and are so beautiful that epifyllum is called the queen of one night.


    #10 Night Jasmine - Cestrum Nocturnum

    Fragrant flowers open at dusk and close at dawn. And the fragrance - unforgettable…


    #11 Elderberry - Angel's Trumpets

    Poisonous, but it has its charms. And like most of the flowers in today's presentation, it smells beautiful when its calyxes, which look like trumpets, open for the night.

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