10 Underestimated Ways of Using NIVEA Cream, That Isn't Mentioned on The Packaging!

    10 Underestimated Ways of Using NIVEA Cream, That Isn't Mentioned on The Packaging!

    10 Underestimated Ways of Using NIVEA Cream, That Isn't Mentioned on The Packaging!
    8:18 AM EDT, October 15, 2020

    First of all, NIVEA has been a familiar friend to families for over 100 years. Before NIVEA cream was launched in 1911, the only alternative was water, soap and powder.  Women have been using skincare for centuries. But skincare routines have changed greatly over the years and are different across continents. Here are 10 fabulous ways we can take advantage of extraordinary cosmetic better!

    #1 Wrinkles

    Declare war against wrinkles with the properties of this skin moisturizer, helps to slow down the formation of wrinkles and soften existing.


    #2 Stretch Marks

    To avoid unsightly stretch marks, it is also necessary to keep the skin properly moisturized. In this case, NIVEA cream works as well as expensive oils.


    #3 Under Eyes Bags

    The long and sleepless nights do not have to affect your appearance. Dark under eyes bags are hard to cover up sometimes. It is, therefore, worthwhile to apply the cream to those sensitives areas under the eyes every day before sleep, and shadows will not be a worry.


    #4 Make-Up Remover

    It can be an excellent tool to remove makeup at the end of the day. Just apply a little bit on a cotton pad and you're done. It works just like the liquid makeup removers, additionally moisturizes and even can tackle waterproof makeup.


    #5 Dry Skin

    A lot of people suffer from dry skin on the elbows. You do not need to get extra body lotion, with NIVEA at hand you can apply on the rough area and wait till magic happens. It moisturizes perfectly and makes the skin on your elbows soft again in no time. Skin dries out fast after showering, so do not forget to apply daily its needed dose of moisture.


    #6 Hand Cream

    If we have NIVEA cream at hand, there is no need to get over the counter hand creams. Simply moisturise your hands regularly to keep them soft and supple, remember that the stresses they receive daily whether you work outdoor or get your hands wet regularly, individual moisturising needs should be applied.


    #7 Skin Irritations

    Sunburn, rash, irritation, pimples and all other skin problems can be alleviated with NIVEA cream. It is perfect for prevention and relieves inflammation.


    #8 Mild Burns

    All kinds of mild burns will also be diminished. The cream will prevent blisters and soothe the pain when applied regularly.

    #9 Lip Balm

    Dry and cracked lips will never be mentioned if you use NIVEA cream as a balm. It works much better than regular lipsticks, and you always have it at hand.


    #10 Extra Vitamins

    By adding a tiny dose of liquid vitamins to your cream (these can easily be bought in a drug store) significantly strengthen its activity. For example, vitamin A eliminates discolouration and calluses. Vitamin E, or “youth vitamin” rejuvenates, we can be sure that it will smooth our skin and prevent wrinkles.



    Mix two teaspoons of Baking Soda with a bit of NIVEA cream and use it as an exfoliating cleanser. You'll see how skin will get a natural glow and will get rid of blackheads instantly! Enjoy!

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