10 Tips for Surviving in Dangerous Circumstances. They May Save Someone's Life

    10 Tips for Surviving in Dangerous Circumstances. They May Save Someone's Life

    1:02 AM EDT, July 21, 2021, updated: 10:36 AM EDT, July 28, 2021

    Adventure! Everyone wants to call out cheerfully at the very thought of a summer vacation in wild nature. Unfortunately, such adventures sometimes may go wrong and turn from fun into a horrible experience. How to do go on about it? What to do and what to beware of? Below you will find 10 tips from survival enthusiasts who shared them on the Internet.

    #1 'Flame is Merrily Bubbling Up'


    If you are lost in the woods or mountains and want to light a fire but find it difficult to do so, you can try using some non-obvious flammable materials like: potato chips, tampons or torn pieces of cotton dipped in petroleum jelly

    #2 Learning to Swim


    If in the sea you run into a current that will push you away from the shoreline, do not swim against it, but upright to it. This is the only way to overcome it without expending all your strength.

    #3 Sleep Well!


    Situation forced you to spend the night in the wilderness? If you've taken to building a shelter or carrying a tent, remember this: more important to your body than having a roof over your head is what you spend the night on. Contact with cold, damp ground will cause your body to lose heat very easily.

    #4 The Dangerous Bee Sting


    If you accidentally sting a beehive, run as far away as you can and, God forbid, try to hide from the bees in water. These insects are so clever that they will simply wait until you surface and then attack you. If you move a considerable distance away, they will stop chasing you because they will see no risk, moving far away from the hive will stop them being defensive.

    #5 It is Better to Float than to Swim


    If you've fallen into the water on the high seas, don't try to swim because it won't help you anyway. Instead, lie on your back and try to float and wait to be rescued.

    #6 Delicious Flowers


    If you are lost in the woods and very hungry you can treat yourself to some dandelion flowers and leaves for lunch. These popular and ubiquitous flowers are completely edible.

    #7 'I'm Cold!'


    If you're cold and still have a long way to go, remember that your body will keep warm more easily when you're a little chilly than when it's sweaty. So it's not always worth wearing an extra sweater.

    #8 Water of Life


    If your body is showing signs of dehydration, sometimes water alone may not be enough to restore balance. You also need electrolytes, the easiest way to get them is with salty snacks.

    #9 When the Sun Gets too Hot


    If you feel like you're about to pass out, douse your forearms in cold water. You'll feel better almost instantly.

    #10 'Can anyone Hear Me? Help!'


    Take a whistle with you when you go into the wilderness. If you get lost, it will draw attention to you and use a lot less energy than if you were shouting for help.

    What else would you add to our list? Do you know any survival tricks?

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