10 Remarkable Examples Showing the Creativity of Modern Technologies

    10 Remarkable Examples Showing the Creativity of Modern Technologies

    3:46 PM EST, November 6, 2020, updated: 5:21 PM EST, November 6, 2020

    The technology is constantly moving forward. We not only get more and more efficient phones or laptops but also great ideas that make life easier or fun. Today, thanks to many start-ups, many young designers have a chance to come up with their invention and earn money on it. We present galleries of extremely creative ideas of recent years.

    #9 FLYTE: Levitating Bulb


    A great gadget for fans of unusual lighting or physics. The bulb is inductively (non-contact) charging thanks to the stand. How does it fly? The magnetic field is responsible for everything, which "pushes" the bulb away from the cradle in a short distance.

    #7 Zungle Sunglasses Transmitting Music Directly to the Head


    A combination of pleasant and useful! These sunglasses have bone conduction speakers, so you can not only protect your eyes from the sun but also listen to music and answer calls without using your ears. How is this possible? All thanks to the sound waves straight into the skull by means of vibrations.

    #4 Mini Fridge With Coolula Cosmetics


    Thanks to it, the lotions and potions will be so pleasantly cool and will serve you longer! By the way, it is available in several color variants.

    #3 Aerogarden Intelligent Flowerpot


    The equipment uses energy saving LEDs that automatically switch on and off and has watering reminders to help keep your herbs alive. There are also other pots for ornamental plants or vegetables

    #2 Nora Anti-Snoring Equipment


    This addition to your bedroom works in the following way: take your favorite pillow, put a refill under it, put a "pebble" somewhere by the bed and go to sleep. When you start snoring, the gadget will gently move your head without waking you and you will stop making this unpleasant sound. Your partner will finally get a good night's sleep!

    #1 Tile Traker for Valuables


    If you often happen to lose important things, this gadget is for you! Tile is a small tracker the size device that can be placed or glued to things that you often lose or are afraid to lose. Wallet, passport, laptop or purse. The device with the help of the application will indicate the last location of the item, and when we are nearby, it will make loud noises to make our search easier.

    How Cool Are These Gadgets?

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