10 Original Tricks to Tidy up Your Bathroom

    10 Original Tricks to Tidy up Your Bathroom

    5:14 PM EST, February 6, 2021, updated: 12:07 PM EST, February 8, 2021

    It is said that an average person spends about two hours in the bathroom during the whole week. If we count it as life long, we spend roughly over 90 days in the bathroom. That's a lot of time, isn't it? That is why it is good to make sure that this room is always tidy.

    Here are 10 tricks to make sure your bathroom always looks great.

    #1 Prevent Squeaking Noise When Moving the Shower Curtain


    That awful, screeching sound that your shower curtain makes can effectively ruin the moment of relaxation and tranquility that your shower produces. If you no longer want to listen to that sound, all you need to do is take baking paper and rub it on the metal surface. Just a small piece of waxed paper and the squeaky sound will disappear for a good few weeks.

    #2 Use Plastic Caps to Store Your Toothbrushes


    Plastic caps from your favorite drinks can be reused for many creative purposes, one of which is to create toothbrush holders. Check the size of the cap, then use a wallpaper cutter to cut off the marked piece. Attach the cap to the wall using hot glue or adhesive tape.

    #3 Prevent Stains From Forming on Your Tap


    The annoying part about washing the tap is that water stains often appear on it. To avoid them, wash the sink as usual and then polish it with coconut oil.

    #4 Make Your Bathroom Smell Good


    Adding a few drops of essential oil to a roll of toilet paper will make your bathroom smell fresh and pleasant. My favorite scents are lavender and citrus oil because those tend to cover up other scents.

    #5 Use a Wet Wipe to Clean Dried-on Soap Scum


    Moisturizing wipes can clean really many different surfaces! You can use it not only to remove dried soap, but also to wipe off water stains on the faucet, wipe metal bars or dirty tiles.

    #6 Control Your Liquid Soap Quantity


    If you don't want too much liquid soap to end up on your hands, just wrap a rubber band around the neck of the soap dispenser.

    #7 Remove Rust with Ketchup


    I used to think that the only thing I could do to get rid of rusty items was to replace them. But before you spend a huge amount of money replacing your tap, try removing rust with ketchup. Rub it into the rusted area and then let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, wash off the seasoning.

    #8 Place an Extra Shower Curtain Rod for More Space


    Whether you have kids or not, there are sure to be a lot of cosmetics and products that pile up on the tub in your bathroom. If you want to gain more space, place a shower rod and hang baskets on it.

    #9 Place a Magnetic Strip to Keep Manicure Tools and Clips in One Place


    If you're always losing your bobby pins or manicure tools, just buy a magnetic strip and fix it in the cabinet or on the wall. This way, you will have more free space and you will be able to keep the mess under control.

    #10 Invest in a Shoe Organizer


    It will probably seem strange to you, but you will find these shoe compartments useful not only in your closet. Organizers are great for storing, for example, spices in the pantry or cosmetics and various accessories in the bathroom.

    How cool are these tricks? Will you do them at home?

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