10 Ingenious Tricks to Squeeze More into Your Bathroom That You Could Ever Imagine

    10 Ingenious Tricks to Squeeze More into Your Bathroom That You Could Ever Imagine

    10 Ingenious Tricks to Squeeze More into Your Bathroom That You Could Ever Imagine
    5:46 PM EDT, May 28, 2020

    We spend quite a lot of time there every single day. Brushing the teeth, putting on make-up, taking a shower and a few we don’t need to mention now. This makes it a room of critical importance. It comes as no surprise then everyone would like it to be neat and clean. However, this is not so easy when your bathroom is small. It is difficult to combine limited space with impeccable order. Have a look at 10 easy hacks to rearrange your bathroom. No need to redecorate it!

    #1 A ladder-like shelf saving lots of space

    You can either buy them in a furniture store or simply do it yourself. Just a few boards and some paint. A small bathroom doesn’t mean there is be no room for towels or cosmetics. You can fix the shelf over the toilet. The space there is usually empty.

    #2 No more losing hair clips or nail files

    Losing manicure tools or bobby pins is really annoying. You buy a packet of 100 pins and after a couple of days there are just 20 of them. If you fix a magnetic strip, available in all DIY stores, you will never look for pins or nail files again.

    #3 Soap decoration

    Soap is usually available in plastic or paper wrapping. Instead of occupying so much space when stored wrapped, let them serve as decoration. Put the bars in a jar and leave them at hand in a visible spot.

    #4 Cake stand

    Girls, let’s face it. We love having lots of cosmetics. For example nail polish in a variety of colours. If you have a collection of them at home and you can’t find the right place to store them all, use a cake stand. You can neatly arrange them and you will easily find the one you are looking for.

    #5 Turn wooden pots into a washbasin shelf

    Wooden planters look great with plants inside. However, these cute boxes might also work as cosmetic shelves. Just fix it over the washbasin, put your toothpaste, toothbrushes, liquid soap, hairbrush or anything else you might need there. Such a shelf won’t take much space but it will definitely make your life much easier.

    #6 Hanging pots

    Find some small pots with handles and hang them using strings or ribbons. They are perfect for storing brushes, hair driers or any other bathroom appliances.

    #7 Ceramic wall lamp shades in the bathroom

    If you are really short of space in the bathroom, ceramic wall lamp shades can be really great for storing hairdryers or shampoo bottles.

    #8 Hang your shower products

    There used to be no shower shelf in my bathroom to store all the cosmetics. As a result, all the shampoos and gels ended up on the floor. It doesn’t have to look like that. All you need is a few metal clothes pegs. Or anything that can clip and hold strong. I hanged a few on the shower bar. I no longer have to crouch or bend to pick up my hair conditioner or a sponge.

    #9 Use a metal basket

    Fix it to the wall and you will have a perfect spot to store your curling iron or straightener

    #10 Throw away the tissue box

    Any tissue box, no matter its size or colours, is not really likely to match your bathroom. To replace it, use a jar. Make a small hole in the lid. You can paint it, too, and stick something on the lid. Remember to cut the hole carefully so that the edges won’t tear the tissues while you’re taking them out.

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