10 Famous Photographers Who Fooled the World with Their Work

    10 Famous Photographers Who Fooled the World with Their Work

    10 Famous Photographers Who Fooled the World with Their Work
    2:03 AM EDT, July 20, 2021, updated: 11:30 AM EDT, July 25, 2021

    Ever since there have been computer photo editing programs i.e. Adobe Photoshop, it has become harder and harder to figure out which photo is real and which is fake. The first Photoshop had its premiere in 1990, so many people think that all photographs taken before that date are certainly not manipulated. However, it turns out that the truth is quite different.

    Here are 10 famous photographs that may have made the whole world feel cheated.

    #1 'The Brave General'

    This photograph of American general Ulysses S. Grant has become very important historically. The brave general, during the Civil War, sits heroically on his horse with his soldiers shown just behind him. Many years later, researchers at the Library of Congress discovered that the photograph was a conglomeration of three completely different images…


    The torso of the horse and the general are from a photograph of Major General Alexander M. Cook, and the face of General Grant is from his photograph. The background, on the other hand, was actually taken by the author of the photograph. No one knows how or for what purpose such a collage was created, but it is known that all three photos are real and put together.

    #2 'Forest Fairies'

    A photograph taken by two cousins, Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright, made the famous author of Sherlock Holmes novels, Arthur Conan Doyle, believe in fairy tale creatures. The photograph was taken in 1917, but it wasn't until 1983 that the truth about its creation came to light…


    #3 'The Levitating Man'

    Colin Evans was a spiritualist who wanted to convince people that he could levitate. So he organized a spiritualist session during which participants were told to silently chant…


    The meeting continued in darkness until at one point a light flashed and everyone could see Evans hanging in the air. After a while the light went out again. For a long time it was believed that Colin could actually fly, but soon a trigger hose from a camera was spotted in his hand, so it was soon guessed that Colin had taken the picture himself, and jumped up when the photograph was taken.

    #4 Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy

    It looks like President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe are hugging and having a nice time, but this photo is not real either….


    This photograph was produced by Alison Jackson, a famous artist who captures celebrity-like actors in her works. In her series 'Mental Images' you will find many provocative fictional photos of famous people.

    #5 Lunch Above a Skyscraper

    It turns out that one of the most recognizable photos of the 20th century is also a fake. It is correct that workers are sitting on a construction site however it is not a documentary photograph of a skyscraper being built….


    The photograph was most likely taken on September 20 or 29, 1932. The author of the photograph was Charles C. Ebbets. But it is still believed that this photo may have been taken in a studio, for example, for an advertisement for a new skyscraper that was commissioned for Rockefeller Center. Some, however, believe that the photo is simply well cropped and the workers have safe scaffolding beneath them….

    #6 An Unexpected Duo

    This smug photo of John Lennon and Che Guevara playing guitars together was also faked…


    This smug photo of John Lennon and Che Guevara playing guitars together was also faked. The photo of the member of The Beatles is real, but Lennon is not playing here with Che Guevara but with Wayne Gabriel. The creator of the photograph cut out the revolutionary's head and pasted it into the guitarist's body.

    #7 David Bowie and Lemmy from Motorhead

    A lot of people believed that David Bowie and Lemmy from the band Motorhead pose together for a photo. The truth came out as when the source of the photograph in question was sought…


    It was then revealed that the real photo shows Lemmy with his girlfriend, who was replaced by David Bowie in the above photo. You can find the real photo at Getty Images.

    #8 Young William Harley and Arthur Davidson

    Some people think that these 2 friends are William Harley and Arthur Davidson, the creators of Harley Davidson. But of course, this is not true…


    In the photo above, we see two young motorcycle enthusiasts who lived in Minnesota and decided to capture themselves on Harley Davidson motorcycles.

    #9 The Spirit of the Photographer

    Photographer William H. Mumler became famous for his series of ghost photos. His clients included Mary Todd Lincoln (former wife of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln) and John J. Glover. They all believed that Mumler took photographs of people along with the ghosts of their dead relatives….


    The popularity of these portraits declined when a Waverley magazine editor came to the photographer to have his portrait taken. When Moses got his picture, he suggested that there was a photographer's assistant behind his back. After that, people had doubts about ghosts appearing in photographs, although no one ever really discovered the truth. After the incident with the editor, the photographer's reputation was disfigured, and Mumler died in poverty.

    #10 Einstein Doesn't Look at Explosions

    Albert Einstein casually riding away happily as an atomic bomb explodes behind him.


    The top doctored image appears to show, hilarious the faked scene, actually an amalgamation of two different photos taken nearly 30 years apart. The atomic bomb test pictured also took place in 1962, several years after Einstein's death.

    Have you ever seen these pictures before, if so did you know they were a fake?

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