10 Common Mistakes That Cause Your Phone to Break Down Quicker. Most of Us Makes Them

    10 Common Mistakes That Cause Your Phone to Break Down Quicker. Most of Us Makes Them

    10 Common Mistakes That Cause Your Phone to Break Down Quicker. Most of Us Makes Them
    3:59 AM EDT, July 23, 2022, updated: 10:25 AM EDT, July 31, 2022

    It's normal for all electronic equipment to break down over time and stop functioning properly, but each of us makes mistakes that accelerate the equipment's faster deterioration. To avoid malfunctions and a stuttering phone, you need to remember some very important things. Here are the mistakes made when using smartphones that everyone makes!

    # 1 Careless USB Insertions


    Have you ever connected the cable to your phone in a careless and inattentive way? More than once we do not pay attention to the USB input and try with all our might to plug the cable into the charger. You may think that such a small thing does not change anything, but trying to connect the charger or cable badly shortens the life of the equipment.

    # 2 Installing Strange Apps From Unknown Sources


    When downloading new apps, you should always read the terms and conditions, and if you don't, at least check what information the app requires access it. If you're downloading a photo editing program it's normal that the program will require access to multimedia and the camera, but if you're installing a document creation app and it requires access to the microphone or camera, you can guess that something is wrong here.

    # 3 No System Update


    Your phone will inform you from time to time about the latest updates - it is not worth ignoring these messages. By getting newer software, your phone will run more smoothly. However, remember to always download updates from reliable sources, otherwise you may find that someone creates a copy of your data.

    # 4 Leaving the Phone Next to an Open Window or Close to a Laptop.


    Leaving your phone by an open window in the winter or on a heated windowsill in the summer can cause your smartphone to cool or overheat. You also need to be careful if you put your phone near a laptop. The change in temperature can have a bad effect on your smartphone's battery and performance.

    # 5 Not Cleaning the Phone From the Inside


    Nowadays, many smartphones are created in such a way as not to take out the battery, however, plenty of people still use older phone models. Don't avoid cleaning the phone from the inside - lots of dust, small pieces of junk and dirt from your pocket, can get inside and disrupt the device. However, if you can't handle cleaning your phone from the inside, turn to a professional.

    # 6 Putting Your Phone Without a Case in Your Purse


    A case, or so-called "case" for your phone, is not only a fashion statement, but also a useful gadget that protects your phone from dirt and dust from inside your purse, and scratches from keys and other gadgets. All can cause your device to overheat and malfunction.

    # 7 Replacing the Original Battery, With Cheap Replacements


    Your phone's battery is the engine and heart of your smartphone. If you decide to repair it, always pay attention to what parts will be placed in your device - if it is not an original hardware part, the life of the phone will be significantly reduced.

    # 8 Cleaning Your Phone Yourself


    No one wants their phones to have a dusty interior - it slows down performance and causes the device to overheat. But when cleaning, use professional help or conventional methods. Putting random elements in your phone can damage its connections and shorten its life.

    # 9 Putting the Phone in the Back Pocket

    This is a rather convenient way of holding the phone however it raises the risk of the phone being stolen, as well as spoiled - you've certainly sat with your phone in your back pocket more than once, a few times it may have turned out fine, but on the hundredth the screen will eventually crack.

    # 10 Not Paying Attention to Plugged-in Headphones in Use


    Each charger, as well as headphones, has a slightly different power. The difference can cause discharge, overheating and short-circuiting of equipment. In turn, when connecting headphones, be sure to gently insert the plug into the socket. Too violent a movement can damage the phone socket or plug.

    How do you maintain your electronics ?

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