10 Amazing Technologies That Bring Inventions to Life Like Science Fiction Movies!

    10 Amazing Technologies That Bring Inventions to Life Like Science Fiction Movies!

    10 Amazing Technologies That Bring Inventions to Life Like Science Fiction Movies!
    2:22 AM EDT, October 29, 2020

    Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed a huge technological leap forward, such as the example of today's cellphones, which are several times more efficient than the most powerful computers from several years ago. What else awaits us in the near future?

    The current pace of development is extremely surprising and it is influenced by large and global corporations, which constantly compete for new products. By the way, they have huge budgets, which allow them to maintain many research teams. No wonder that some of the technologies on our list are being developed by large market players.

    #10 Food Production in 3d Printers


    The KFC restaurant chain recently announced that it is testing new methods of food production using 3D printers. Such devices would prepare nuggets. Using the right combination of ingredients, the printer would create food by printing it in the form of single threads, which in the right amount would take the desired shape.

    #9 Construction Workers Will Print 3d Residential Areas


    If you can print food, why not building materials? New Story is a non-profit organization that focuses on fighting global homelessness. Together with the construction company ICON, it has developed a model of a home that is produced in 3D printers in just 24 hours. The cost of one such house is only $4,000. Considering the area of the building (50 square meters) and its durability, it is a really small price.

    #8 Support for the Blind

    In spring 2018, Prague hosted an experimental exhibition on the art of statues in virtual reality. Most of the visitors were blind and partially sighted. The developers created a series of 3D models of famous statues, from David to Venus of Milo. Visitors were invited to wear special gloves to "touch" the objects and even "feel" the difference between the different types of materials.


    Each VR glove had 10 devices inside that caused vibrations in certain parts of the hand when approaching a virtual object. The developers want their gloves to be used in schools for blind children so that they can "touch the art". The concept of "artificial eyes" is also being actively developed and some progress has already been made in this area.

    #7 Drones, Drones Everywhere!


    Soon, the familiar swish of propellers will be known not only from any concerts or other cultural events. Amazon is actively developing delivery drones and is hoping that they will be on duty in the coming years. Drones may also prove to be a great support for hospitals if they can carry all the necessary medicines and above all blood.

    #6 Paying With a Chip

    Elon Musk recently presented Neuralink, a supposedly revolutionary chip that will make our lives easier every day and bring people with disabilities back to their lost senses. It sounds all too surreal, but more and more companies are exploring the possibilities of subcutaneous chips.


    Amazon is trying to patent a device that will allow us to pay and scan loyalty cards using our fingerprints. The chips will also appear on the commercial market in the coming years.

    #5 Harmless Mammography


    X-rays have a negative effect on our health, but sometimes such x-rays are necessary and we have to pass them. An example is a mammography. Researchers from the Eindhoven University of Technology are working on a "breast-friendly" method without radiation, it is more accurate and generates 3D images. With the help of special echography (sound waves), an image is made and cancer can be easily identified.

    #4 Digitization of Everything


    Discs, floppy disks and all the data carriers in entertainment are now gone. Today we listen to music from streaming services, we watch movies on platforms like Netflix. Even video games will soon be available in streaming form. Without a powerful computer or console, you will be able to play the latest titles. Even offices have begun to use the goodness of digitization…

    #3 the Data Carriers Are Getting Smaller and Their Memory Is Larger


    All portable drives or flash drives are getting smaller, faster and more spacious. In the past, a miracle of technology used to be an 8 GB DVD, today the average phone has 128 GB of internal memory. At the same time, we move data in this way less and less often, using mainly hosting services (such as Google disk).

    #2 Advertising Is Becoming More and More Personal

    In the past, advertisers outranked each other in ideas on how to interest a potential customer. Shock? Pretty colors? A catchy song or maybe a scandal? Today, instead of thinking about the form of advertising, specialists are thinking about appropriate algorithms.


    We can see it on Facebook and cookies, for example. The websites are constantly collecting data about us, and later, once we have entered the watch page, we will see ads for watches for the next few weeks. Specialists from Japan, in turn, try to create an algorithm that matches products after analyzing our… face.

    #1 Face Recognition System

    Arkaitz Garro is a programmer from Amsterdam, who created a great gadget. He only identifies the face of his cat and lets him in. A special device detects his movement and the camera takes a picture and sends it to the image recognition platform. If the picture is compatible, the owner is informed that there is a cat outside who wants to enter the house 🙂.


    However, not only the ingenious Garro came up with such an idea and many technology companies are somehow working on face identification with cameras. However, this raises numerous objections, because it is believed that the spread of such technology strongly affects the private sphere. The Chinese government, for example, uses this technology to automatically impose fines on citizens for example for passing through a red light.

    And what kind of technology do you dream about?

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