Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin

Make a dress form that fits your own figure.
We all know that the best dress is the one that fits your body perfectly as it was sewn just for you, it is not that easy to get one like this though. It would be great if every woman could afford to get her clothes straight from her private tailor who knows how to take good measures, but we do not live in a perfect world, unfortunately.

What if we could have our own body dress form and learn how to sew? It is also not that easy but not impossible, especially if you are a handimaniac! Two years ago I was cleaning my cellar and decided to get rid of totally new sewing mannequin because it was taking too much space... Now I know it wasn't a smart decision.

Take a look at this full tutorial of how to make Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin. The source is in German, so I am describing it for you in English. To be honest, at first glance I thought it was just a joke, but it seems to work, and I am taking this guide to my vast catalog of "to do now" projects.

Don't you think it is a magnificent idea? If so, buy or find at home some supplies, and just Do try this at home!

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin Collage

What you need:


  • scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Pillow filling for stuffing out your form
  • A metal base
  • 2-3 rolls of duct tape
  • Apiece of cardboard
  • An old hip-length T-shirt
  • A food foil (for the neck)


Prepare all your tools and supplies.

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin 01


Find a under hip lenght, old fit to body t-shirt. Wear it and then wrap your neck with a fod foil to secure it (as shown on the picture).

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin 02


In those few steps ask your friend to help you in wrapping your silhouette with the duct tape. First stripe under your breasts (make sure it is tight enough). Next stripes crossed in between the breasts as shown on the picture.

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin 03


Continue wrapping one by one.

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin 04


Carefully take off the part of the food foil that covers your neck and make some kind of a “tape collar” as you can see on the picture. Finish the first part when you gain the effect of new, “tape t-shirt”.

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin 05


This is how it should look like at the back. Wrap more tape evenly from your waist till the end of your t-shirt line, do it tight!

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin 06


Now make an even cut on the back part of your form to enable taking it off.

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin 07


Last but not least, use your tape again to get rid of the cut.

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin 08


Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin 09


Fill the form with the pillow filling or small pieces of fabric leftovers. Finish your work sticking the form on your metal base, and voila it is ready to use with any sewing project.

Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin 10