Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter

Make an unusual planter using a downpipe.
I must write it here, at the very beginning - it is the best tutorial ever, and it is about Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter!. It guides you through all steps with details,tools and supplies, shows clear pictures, and what's more, tells you about some tricky stuff while preparing this cool planter.

I bet there are just few people in the whole world who despise straberries. I even risk to say it is the most delicious fruit. It would be great if we could naturally grow them all year long. However hard it is, we should at least give a try to do it in summer. If it was possible for me, I would choose to make either hanging planters, or this awesome tube full of juicy and sweet fruit.

Check this out and say what you think of it. Maybe you've got better idea of how to build strawberry garden. If so, share it with us handimaniacs.

What you need:


  • An electric drill with a hole cutting bit that will cut a 5 – 7cm hole
  • A 2 or 3mm drillbit for the watering pipe
  • A knife

Supplies / ingredients:

  • A length of PVC downpipe 100mm or 150mm diameter. (The length will = the height of the unit)
  • End cap for the downpipe
  • A narrower diameter (15mm or thereabouts) length of downpipe for watering. Make it about 8 – 10cm longer than the downpipe. If you have a pressurised irrigation system, you can use a length of soak hose instead
  • A cork
  • Duct tape
  • A length of geotextile (or hessian would do) for wrapping the watering pipe
  • Twine for tying the fabric to the watering tube
  • Good fertile soil (test it if you can – strawbs prefer it slightly acidic)
  • 1 litre or so of coarse gravel
  • Strawberry plants (I used a mixture of different varieties)
  • A few companion plants (nasturtiums or marigolds)
  • Large tub or box (to stand unit in whilst filling)
  • Fixing collar or ties