Plastic Spoon Lamp

Upcycle plastic cutlery to make unusual pendant lamp.
Whatever you might say about plastic spoons, the fact is that they are a waste that is unnecessary for us and for the ground. It is actually so easy to wash cutlery and simply kill bacteria with hot water. On the other hand, we all know that our world is not perfect, people are lazy and use all inventions readily, even if they are harmful.

It is so good that ecofriendly becomes more and more trendy. Even a child knows what recycling means. Upcycling plastic items is really popular nowadays, and people are more aware of how important it is to reuse old stuff again and again. It is mostly thanks to the internet. I read hundreds of comments on our facebook every day, and I can see that plastic spoons are particularly annoying for you like it was with this Ombre Spoons Mirror. Do you really think we encourage people to buy more plastic!? The answer is obvious. We would like you to put a little bit of effort to get used cutlery, bottles, caps etc., and then start with any creative project we find for you on the web!

Take a look at this guy, Yaroslav Olenev a designer. He is a perfect example of a person who knows how to reuse things and turn them into marvelous, everyday objects. He even became the winner in “Ecology and Design” nomination of the «FutureNow» mafazine in 2010 with his Spoon Lamp. We would like you to look closer to this project, and maybe take it up. As there are just few pictures with no step by step guide, I’ll try to make it even easier for you by describing each step.

To see original project go to Spoon Lamp on Future Now Magazine.

What you need:


  • Glue gun
  • Sharp, cutting knife
  • Pliers

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Plastic spoons
  • Lamp with a cable
  • Big, plastic bottle


First, as always prepare all tools and supplies to start your project of a Plastic Spoon Lamp.

Plastic Spoon Lamp 01


Using sharp cutting knife, cut out the big hole in the bottom of a plastic bottle.

Plastic Spoon Lamp 02


Before you start this step, prepare the glue gun (turn it on) and cut the handles of all your spoons. When the glue is hot, start gluing your spoon to the bottle as shown on the picture.

Plastic Spoon Lamp 03


Do it over and over until the whole bottle is covered with spoons.

Plastic Spoon Lamp 04


Now it is time to make a collar for the bottleneck to cover it. Glue the couple of spoons together the way it is shown on the picture, then stick it to the bottle so that it fully covers the neck.

Plastic Spoon Lamp 05


Put the cable through the bottle inside, install a lightbulb and now just find the right place to hang your Plastic Spoon Lamp.

Plastic Spoon Lamp 06


It looks gorgeous when it is dark and modern during the day

Plastic Spoon Lamp 07

Plastic Spoon Lamp