Have you ever thought of painting your ordinary wine glasses to make them more “yours”? If you can paint the Repurposed Cot to give your kids cooler space to create art, why not give a bit of chalkboard for adults to draw on.

While it is not so hard to draw a picture on a real chalkboard, tell your friends, during a party, to draw something on a glass with a piece of chalk, I bet it will be a real challenge for them! It is going to be such fun, but first you need to prepare your Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses. For a great tutorial, head your steps to “Just Short of Crazy” site, and follow all the steps that the author provides.

Read all carefully, as she writes not only step by step instructions, but also gives many useful tips on her own experience with not so easy to use chalkboard paint. I personally cannot wait till my friends start drawing their masterpieces after drinking few glasses of the god’s beverage. If you manage to preserve your friends works, don’t hesitate to show them here.

Full tutorial of Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses, here.

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

What you need:


  • Painters Tape
  • Rubbermaid Take Away Container
  • Brown kraft paper

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Wine Glasses
  • Chalk