Wood Crutches Vintage Shelf

Become a designer of a fabulous, oldschool shelf.

The day we created our new Craftspiration category, I knew it is going to be my favorite. It is nice to write about all stuff that we would do finally at home, but there is something fascinating in the process of looking for an inspiration too. It is unbelievable how many times you can be stunned during the day with whole lotta craft works appearing on the web.

It is Sunday, first sunny one since a long time ago, and we should spend it outside with kids, but just before leaving home, I had to tell you about my newest finding from Mamie Jane’s blog who calls herself “a junker”. If only all junkers had so many ideas, on how to repurpose old items…

Have you ever thought of reusing old crutches to build a shelf? Well, She has, and build this Wood Crutches Vintage Shelf sharing the photos with us. Now I am showing it to you. I must say it looks crazy at the beginning, but as soon as you fill it with books and flowers, it seems to get “normal” look. Anyone who loves vintage bibelots or like to make a flat eclectic, using old stuff along with the modern ones, would be pleased with this inspiration. As you can see the greatest inspirations can come out of anywhere, even from a broken leg ;)

I was brought up among antiques as my parents own a small antiques shop in my town. I used to hate it as a child, because of dust and fragility. Now I am a huge fan of all vintage stuff but prefer to connect them with modern style, especially when I can do something myself. Hope you’ll feel inspired with this interesting shelf and want to share it with me on facebook as usual.

Wood Crutches Vintage Shelf - Before/After

Wood Crutches Vintage Shelf - Process 01

Wood Crutches Vintage Shelf - Process 02