Swings Around a Fire Pit

Build an extraordinary, leisure spot in your garden.
Is there anyone who doesn’t like relaxing around the fire pit? Probably there is, but I do not know such a person. Fire is my element, and it drags me like a fish to the water, like a moth to the light and like Simon to coffee! There was always one problem with sitting around it though, so uncomfortable that you had to help yourself with even more wine to get trough the night.

Little did I know about creative garden, leisure spots before I found this Swings Around the Fire Pit project. It combines my two, favorite summer activities: swinging and relaxing with friends near the campfire. The only thing I will possibly change in my version of this fire pit, would be benches into hammocks - imagine sleeping the whole night with warm flames gently twinkling...

The second thought has come to me right now. What about making the wooden construction suitable for both, swings and hammock (for example two benches and 3 hammocks). There are some more combinations in my head as this has inspired me to go further.

I am pretty sure that you will find this project inspiring or maybe you’ll try doing it exactly the same as Dave. It take time to build such construction, I know, but even though, we’re waiting for your photos impatiently.

Swings Around a Fire Pit 01

Swings Around a Fire Pit 02

Swings Around a Fire Pit 03

Swings Around a Fire Pit 04

Swings Around a Fire Pit 05

Swings Around a Fire Pit 06

Swings Around a Fire Pit